Nikon 1 compact cameras capable of 2k and 4k video...


Jan 5, 2011
I'm not sure if "the [J1 and V1’s] sensor is capable of 2K (2048×1080px) and 4K" means anything more than "it has at least 4000 pixels across" In that sense most cameras are 4K capable. Maybe Nikon will unleash 4K on the 1 system but I would be very surprised if they released an update for that.

Maybe 4K for the V2...wait. (the 1-System). The V1 Mark 2. No that just sounds stupid. The W1 and K1?
(Ug, what a stupid naming system)


EOS M6 Mark II
Jan 31, 2012
Ah, good point Eyeone -- the line that "we hope to incorporate this functionality in the future" made me think that it could be enabled via firmware.


Kernuak said:
I'm not so sure V1 and V2 would be a popular naming convention in certain parts of Europe :p.

The guy that designed the V2 also did the rocket that put the US astronauts on the Moon - might be appropriate for something that ends up on the dark side ;D ;D ;D ;D


Always difficult to read the intentions of the Japanese, pleased by sales in the US? doesn't really say much. I don't think I've ever seen as poor a review on DPreview as the one for the Nikon J1 & V1 cameras. The conclusion starts by talking about how dissapointed Nikonistas were when this camera was launched and ended with "given the strength of the competition it is very hard to recommend that you go out and buy either of these cameras."

I'm quite surprised to find that Nikon is aiming this camera at a market segment that I'm not sure really exists - people who want to upgrade from a compact but don't want an entry level DSLR, the thinking appears to be that they'll pay as much for a larger compact with inferior performance. I do wonder how long this system is going to last, I've yet to see one in the wild.
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