Patent: More SuperTelephoto Patent Applications Appear

Dec 30, 2017
I have been planning to buy EF200 F2.0 IS.
I talked to the manager of a local camera store and he told me that the lens is discounted by $500 as canon wants to clear stock. He was very careful, he did not mention that there would be a replacement. I asked if I should wait for a new version and he just smiled ...
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EOS M6 Mark II
Apr 27, 2015
TommyLee said:
KiagiJ said:
TommyLee said:
200mm f2 mkII
sure.... send it along...
I've been waiting patiently....
how about 5 stop I.S.
and...25% weight loss....
and a closer min focus

I'm in for those features

sell the car... I'll use my moped...
Its already 5 stop IS. i heard at release they said it was 4 stops but then later updated it to 5 apparently

In any case i can shoot mine quite easily at 1/8th of a second handheld which is 5 stops! :D

get it noooooow
it is perfect for clubs in the dark where you have to stay back...
I see Brian at TDP says 4 stops quoted from canon and... says its about right
[ if you saw someone get 5 stops in testing - please tell me where]
for me the latest I.S. will do..

that min focus dist is what will swing it for me
I've rented it is pretty nice..
weight reduction will help make the deal

also lets see what they do with the 135 f2 I.S. that's coming soon...
that one takes a 1.4 TC .....which with a short focus may be better/more flexible...
even having the 85L f1.5 I will likely get this maybe even replace the 85 1.4 L ....
...orig 135 is so small/flex(TC) and light that it is going to be hard to beat it...

I know I shouldn't, but I like to use it with out the GIANT hood
or use a smaller 3rd party if there is one..

once the hood size is less clumsy it doesnt weigh too much to carry for a bit...

if oil prices spike again Prius will bring a little better price...
Canon's own manual for the 200mm says 5 stops IS here...

Like i said they updated it, either physically or just the written material, that review mightve been based on old documentation

Its heavy and hurts after a while with a 1dx2 hehe even if an update takes a pound off itll still be heavy and hurt 1 minute delay later perhaps hehe

The hood barely adds any weight, its light, not metal. i sometimes dont use it for candids as its intimidating pointing it at people so interefers with their natural emotion, becauase they see a bigass black hole pointed at them, just the lens is less intimidating i think. for portraits, hood all the way

Mr Majestyk

Feb 20, 2016
Re: Yes -US versions posted here on 7th Dec

canonnews said:
Fun fact: Masashi Kimura is the leading canon patent application writer this year. he has written 56 patent applications. You know the writing that goes into these patents, diagrams,etc can you imaging writing one every 4 days? ugh.
Yes and do you actually believe he has time for research and actually writing this many patents a year. He has a large group of people and as senior person will get his name on any patent from the group. Working for Canon the most prolific patent writers I knew managed 3 or 4 a year.

Mr Majestyk

Feb 20, 2016
canonnews said:
DO doesn't make a lens that much lighter because the aperture defines the weight more than the length. Consider that a DO lens has the same diameter of elements, and usually at least similar quantities, it's simply squished because DO elements allow the lens to be shorter.
The main element is 100mm, but the thing that makes the DO lens special is that it effectively has a much higher refractive index than a normal refractive glass lens. Glass has a RI of ~ 1.5, and this limits how short you can make a lens in large part. A DO lens can have an effective RI even greater than diamond which is ~ 2.5. This allows to come to focus much shorter distance than a normal lens of the same radius of curvature. The rest of the optical formula will also be much different to a standard refractive lens.

So you are right that a DO can be much shorter but the weight saving will be limited by how much weight the lens barrel weight can be reduced for the most part.

Interestingly when DO was first shown with the original 400 f/4, Canon claimed a real refractive 400 f/4 would weigh 3kg, so ~ 50% than the DO version. However I believe that was a worst case scenario and if Canon made a 400 f/4L now with current tech, it would be close to the 300 f/2.8L IS II in weight, but of course longer, maybe 2.5-2.6kg.

IMO a 600 f/4 DO in the future could weigh maybe 3kg so maybe 20% lighter than the current lens. Also note that Canon stated the next gen mk III superteleles will be even lighter based on advanced materials for the body, so we may see a 600 f/4L III come in at under 3.5kg, if the DO lens gets the same treatment it might also be a bit lighter, say 2.8kg.

Anyway all fascinating and if they can deliver a 600 f/4 at close to 3kg, I'll sell my 500 in a heartbeat.