Preorder: You can now preorder the Canon EOS R system and other new Canon gear

Mar 25, 2011
I'm going to order from Amazon. I can do interest free financing for a year (though, I'll pay it off way before then) and get free shipping.
I own a business that sells on Amazon prime, and buy a ton of gear from Amazon, but I once pre-ordered a camera from them, they cancelled all the pre-orders after a couple of months because of a typo in their listing, and left me hanging. That plus reading over and over about those who pre-ordered not getting cameras for weeks after I had mine from Adorama made me decide to avoid that again. Good Luck.
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Actually the filter option adapter makes EF lenses very attractive, if not as much as RF lenses. I am thinking to buy Milvus 1.4/25 with the filter capable adapter. I am not even sure I want Milvus 1.4/25 for RF Mount over this configuration, :)
Yeah, maybe Canon's thinking on this is, it's more for video shooters who are using manual focus lenses. But variable NDs and their convenience are what's popular for that right now, so who knows.
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Sep 17, 2014
You should definitely order them separately so you can save the 0.029%.

Thats not the point, don't be so defensive. Buying a kit is usually a bit cheaper than buying separately, at least it was until now. Then why should i buy a kit. For example the resale value of the lens is a bit better if not in a whitebox.

Would have been nice a $100 discount if buying a kit
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1DX Mark II
Sep 29, 2015
I have 3 EF lens. Question - Would you go for the basic adapter or the one with control ring (slightly more expensive)? Your thoughts?
I’d get the control ring. I personally would set the control ring to ISO. It’s always a pain on my 1DX2 to hit the ISO button then roll the control dial to change.

I really want to get this body, the 35mm and control ring adapter but probably going to wait until the first price drop and firmware update to enable all the coming soon features.

Would have been an instant preorder if there was 4k60, 1080p120 and no 4K crop. Oh I guess the 720p120 is pretty useless since there is no autofocus. (WHY CANON? My 1DX2 does all this!)
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Zobb f’sormok
Feb 16, 2017
The R system does not make anything obsolete,

It is not as simple. RF lenses are not compatible with EF bodies. If in the future you want to use a full frame mirrorless, and an APS-c mirorless for speed, like I use the 7DMkII today for wildlife, lenses will not be compatible eighter.

Unless they will have a full frame mirrorless that can dumb itself down for speed and eliminate the M system completley, ut that's unlikely.

As I said earlier, when 30 years ago I switched from FD to EF, it was an easy choice for me as I could see so many benefits. This time round the benefits are not straightforward, or enough, and there is a fair bit of trade off too like battery life, and EVF.

Of course I haven't tested the R's EVF but can only assume that it can't be as good as an optical viewfinder for my work. For others it may be ok I guess.

For the time being I have to keep on using EF anyway, but RF is the future for sure. I just can't justify buying expensive lenses in EF mount.
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It won’t be long until Vella et. al. announce their grips... I chose to wait for them and use “Canon” grip money on glass.
Looks like they made the battery grip signals digital instead of simple analog contacts like before (it is now also firmware upgradable - see video).
Would be a lot more difficult for Chinese firms to make clones now, as they would have to reverse engineer the digital signal (that may also be protected).
So Canon can now ask what they want for the battery grip as there will be no clone any time soon...
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Meanwhile in Europe:
Eos R + cheapest adaptor : 2 519,99 € = 2,922.47 US$
Eos R + 24-105 F4 : 3 529,99 € = 4,094.17 US$
50mm f1.2 : 2 519,99 € = 2,922.47 US$
28-70 f2 : 3 249 € = 3,768.26 US$
Adaptor with control ring : 229€ = 265.57 US$
Adaptor with CPL: 329€ = 381.56 US$
Adaptor with Vari ND : 449€ = 520.71 US$

We are quite far from the announced prices

Indeed, in Europe prices are always more expensive.
But at least this price is sales TAX included and 2 year warranty.
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Meanwhile in Europe:

Eos R + 24-105 F4 : 3 529,99 € = 4,094.17 US$

We are quite far from the announced prices

N-VB, unfortunately I can't see where you're from in Europe. However it looks to me as if you are omitting some factors that make European pricing quite different from prices in the US market.

Let me explain at one of the examples that you quoted:
Eos R + 24-105 F4 : 3 529,99 € = 4,094.17 US$ whereas CR quotes 3.399 USD.

If you work under the assumption that retail price in the US is the same as in Euros as it usually is, you need to know that the US often show net prices excluding tax if any and you need to add that up for yourself. In the US there is no VAT (MwSt) as we know it in the European Union, but a GST (goods and services tax), that cannot be deducted as input tax when purchased by a business but adds up to the cost. So you won't get a net taxation of the last user as it is in Europe.

If there is a GST and how high it is depends on the state you are actually in, but for competive reasons it will not be levied if the good in question is sold outside the state in question.

So let's take one of your exmples EOS % + 24-105 F4: US net price (if bought at the store of B&H in NY, they would levy an additional 8.25% GST which we are going to neglect for now)
3.399 vs the European (you didn't mention which country) 4.094,17 converted to USD. Delta is 695,17 USD. that is 20.5%
So by the tax rate of 20% and .5% exchange rate effects I would guess you are from Austria.

BTW if you go to B&H internet site and use their shipping cost tool, they tell you for customs and tax (that is Import VAT), you'd pay to Austria 750 USD and 709 USD. So the 1% point more VAT in Austria is noticeable.

The same effect is if you take the German price at Calcumet: gross price including 19% VAT: 3.499 EUR VAT exluded: net price: 2.940,33 EUR
vs the quoted price of yours in Austria including 20% VAT: 3.529,99 EUR: VAT excluded net price: 2.941,65 EUR, just about the same base price:

CONSEQUENCE: The only thing you complain about is MwST / VAT. But this can't be helped.
And that price depends on the country you live in.
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Jan 12, 2011
I'm in exactly the same situation, I use the TS-E17 and the 11-24 and the ability to VND the 11-24 for video and polarize the 17 for reflections are huge for me. I've also pontificated the 5DSr for higher resolution on occasions, if a high resolution R came out with decent video capabilities (at least the equal of my 1DX MkII's) then I'd be all in. Now if an R'1DX' and an R'5DSr' came out I'd be torn...

The filter mount adapters are incredibly innovative and a clever motivator for people to use adapted lenses- but without high quality 4K video there just is no reason for me to buy the R and use them. And it seems a lot of photographers on here will wait for a higher res version of the camera.

If Canon is smart, they'll make a high MP version and a video centric, high ISO (low MP) version as Sony has done. That would give a camera version to everyone and they can continue increase their marketshare.
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