R5/R6 Camera defect reports (no hype or wish lists please)


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Dec 20, 2012
I had an older battery in my R6 and for about a minute, the evf started Behaving Badly. It would just stutter and jerk like crazy even moving the camera slowly. I turned the camera off and on and everything was fine.


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I had mine lockup once but it was on a gimbal with a control cable plugged in and I tried to change a setting from the camera vs. The gimbal remote. Forgive me but this is not really a defect but....does anyone find the top LCD screen useful? I have an R6 and R5 and I think I prefer the R6 mode dial aka 5D Mark IV style vs having to press Mode on the R5 then press other buttons to get to video, AV, etc.


Aug 2, 2020
How do you like that--replying to yourself!?! :ROFLMAO: :unsure: :ROFLMAO: But just an update to say that my camera continues to do the same thing of intermittently freezing/locking up requiring that I remove the battery to reboot it and then it resumes like nothing ever happened. Still no special cause except it definitely is NOT associated with high speed shooting or high temperatures.
Have you tried turn the brightness level up and down manually? I just think it might be relate to PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation).
"To dim the screen, some monitors will simply cycle the backlight on and off in rapid succession - a method called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) . This cycling frequency should ideally be undetectable to the human eye. If said frequency is too low, users with sensitive eyes may experience strain or headaches or even notice the flickering altogether."
Oct 29, 2018
I have several red pixels in both the EVF and LCD of my R5 and concluded it's the sensor, but cannot see any on images so far. Haven't taken a picture with a dark background though.

I'm coming form Sony and noticed that when panning slowly (or fast), in the EVF the image pans "choppy", like 24fps video played at 15fps. On the rear LCD it looks smooth, but maybe due to the small size in comparison to your vision being filled in the EVF. Anyone notice this? This is with "power saving" or "smooth" set in shooting menu #8.

Is this normal or should it be smooth in the EVF?

I also noticed that even though I received a brand new camera and a lens never having been mounted, I see some tiny scratches/scuff marks on the lens mount. Did other people notice this? Is it a normal manufacturing process? My Nikons, Panasonics, and lastly Sony's mounts where all flawless. (see pictures)


Oct 29, 2018
Wanted to start a thread for legit R5/R6 camera issues or defects, not speculations or complaints/wish lists about the design. Please don't complain about video times or other design wishes here as there are a million threads and sites for that. I'm hoping we can collect actual potential manufacturing defects from people who own the camera in this thread. To start off those I am aware of:

1) I know one poster here cannot get the intervalometer to work no matter what he tried, and was going to send off for repair at Canon's suggestion. EDIT: apparently Ramage below has an answer, remapping focus button causes the issue, Canon is aware and will fix in firmware.

2) For my R5, I have gone night shooting and found several bright red stuck/hot pixels on the sensor that become evident when exposures are set for slow shutter >1s, ISO >800, apertures are F4 or larger. Combining multiple low light exposure settings make them brightest (high ISO + wide apertures + slowest shutters) but any one setting when cranked enough will produce them.

These hot pixels show on both EVF and LCD screen, so is definitely the sensor pixels. A few of them twinkle which is odd, perhaps high ISO NR and exposure preview working together. The stuck pixels do not make it into images, but I have not tested with high ISO NR off or made sure LR or photoshop isn't taking care of them.

For all Canon cameras, cleaning the sensor manually typically remaps or attempts to shut off stuck pixels upon power down, but failed to help at all here. Walked through it again with Canon Service rep just to be thorough, no joy. My R5 also has several lesser spots of dimmer red, green or blue pixels, perhaps 10 defects total.

Canon support has been great as usual, and is taking care of the problem with a warranty repair and shipping. I hear I should bne out of a camera for about a week, no biggie as I have a 5D4 and no jobs or hobby trips planned right now with the awful smoke in the area. Hopefully the next sensor is better- I can deal with a couple dim bad pixels but not so many bright ones, plus over time usually a sensor develops a couple more, so to start with several isn't great. For high MP sensors it is normal to have a few bad pixels eventually, but the two spots of several bright red pixels both myself and Canon agree is not normal for a new camera to have.
How did you make out with the sensor replacement? Still stuck/dead pixels? Mine seems to have a few as well... wondering if warranty is even worth it...


Feb 1, 2015
Single pixels in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors that are brighter than their neighbors and do not change their position in subsequent photos (or even earlier, on the rear LCD screen) are stuck pixels. To get rid of them at home, you need to use a different sensor mapping method than the one used for Canon DSLR cameras.

In the camera menu, go to the tab with the key to position 3, select "Sensor cleaning", select the middle position i.e. "Clean now" and then select "OK".

Thanks to this method, I got rid of the red stuck pixel in my recently purchased brand new EOS R camera. This pixel was visible to me in the very center of the rear LCD display. After using the above-mentioned method, this pixel disappeared.

This is not my discovery, I found information about this method here https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/62969897