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Jul 28, 2015
If photos in walk-in aviaries are allowed, I'll show why I love Java Sparrows from my seeing them close up in Hong Kong aviary. They are so cute. The HK aviary is huge and high as it goes down a hill in the park, allowing the birds a large space in which to fly. I used a bridge camera for these.
Nice shots.
The aviary sounds very much like the one just outside KualaLumpur (though from what I can tell, the one in K-L is larger) - very well worth a visit if you are in Malaysia.


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Aug 16, 2012
Nice shots.
The aviary sounds very much like the one just outside KualaLumpur (though from what I can tell, the one in K-L is larger) - very well worth a visit if you are in Malaysia.
The KL one is much, much larger with far more birds. It claims to be the largest in the world. It's good for Bulbuls amongst others. Bridge camera again as the full size kit is a bit too conspicuous in these public areas.

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Aug 16, 2012
Canon has got it wrong again with the 1DXIII. Waste of all that hardware and advanced software just to recognise footballers etc.
What we want:
High speed APS-C sensor with an on-off AA-filter sensor for extra reach, with the option to switch to FF for close-by slow moving or static birds or animals.
Bird recognition artificial intelligence linked into eBird to tag photos with the birds names, focus on eyes and to recognise and locate bird calls and name them. Ditto for animal recognition AI.
Switchable between OVF and EVF to choose between liveview and proper view.
Packaged with a kit ultra-lightweight DO 100-600mm zoom.
Seriously, just a move in that direction to show Canon hasn't forgotten us.


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Dec 23, 2015
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Aug 16, 2012
I do compare Canon with other gear to see whether it's worth expanding my kit, especially as the older I get, the lighter I want it. Here is some new experience that might be of interest to fellow birders. I have been intrigued by the Nikon 300mm f/4E PF for some time now as it something Canon should have made to replace the antique EF 300/4. But there are problems reported.
There are well-documented VR issues with some 800 series bodies where the VR interacts with the shutter at ~1/100-200s, and the VR is reported weak There is clear copy variation: 3/3 copies decentred the first copy decentered
The decentreing causes loss of IQ at edges. The Lenstip sample needs stopping down to f/5.6 for real sharpness and in general stopping down helps.
Although good reports from trustworthy Nikon forum members and Thom Hogan show that there are some very good copies and its snappy AF is great for action.

I have looked at two copies. The first was on sale locally, used but just a few months old. It was ghastly, soft at 12m, very soft at 19m and obvious vertical shutter shake at 1/320-500s on a D500 that doesn't have the VR problem. The second copy in a local store was good, and with f/5.6 better than f/4. But, the 100-400mm II at 300mm on my 90D was sharper and with more contrast in the centre and far more so at the edges than the 300mm PF on a D500 at f/5.6.
A good copy of the 300mm f/4E is fine if you are a Nikon shooter and want a very light prime in your bag to accompany a longer telephoto. For the average Joe like me, a 90D (or 5DSR) with a 100-400mm II is a far more versatile and sharper combination, although heavier and not as good for fast BIF as a 300E/D500.
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Aug 16, 2012
Nice shot. Did you crop or were 2.5m too wide for the frame? We got lots of albatrosses in the Galapagos, and I should post one or two.


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Aug 15, 2017
Also a couple of tufted ducks - they are less rare in this environment and easier to capture...

7DmkII, 100-400L II at 400mm f/6.3, 1/640s ISO500


7DmkII, 100-400L II at 400mm f/5.6, 1/640s ISO1250


7DmkII, 100-400L II at 400mm f/6.3, 1/800s ISO500

There was an abundance of males vs. females - strange... Maybe the females favour a different climate ;)


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Jul 29, 2012
Got this shot of a Shy Albatross the other day just after it had finished feasting on a dead cuttlefish. Not the biggest of the Albatross family but still boasts an impressive wingspan of a touch over 2.5m
Very noice shot, Aussie Shooter.


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Aug 30, 2019
Hi All, I've been enjoying all your photos for a while now. Really beautiful work.

I'm not really a "bird photographer" (yet anyway), I primarily do architecture, travel and landscapes, but I do enjoy photographing the occasional bird I pass in my neighborhood when I go for a walk. These weren't photographed to be particularly artistic as I was mostly just testing out various camera / lens combinations to see what works best, but I figured I'd post anyway as these birds are a little different. Going forward, I'll work a bit more on the artistic side of it.

This is all in Florida right around my house. Most of the land around me is designated as nature preserve, so we get lots of birds and animals that naturally flock here (no pun intended). Anyway, hope to post a bit more as I get more accustomed to framing bird portraits.

All photos taken with either Canon EOS M6, 5D Mark II or EOS RP. Lens is either EF 400mm F5.6L or EF 70-200 F4 IS.

Red Shouldered Hawk




Sandhill Crane


Blue Heron





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