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May 1, 2012
Tron, for a wile I was hesitating to comment on your comment ( :)) but since here we are community of mix photographers/naturalist I can't resist: We still have to wait for a photo of oystercatcher catching true Oyster (oyster is ambiguous) because the shellfish on that photos is a Scallop (also ambiguous but both groups have very distinctive shells). Not big deal at all but there is that devil in me that always make me uncomfortable when I see miss-identification (and in the same time I hate my photos of interesting/rare for my location birds that are not good at all and it's very painful!).
Yes, the mollusk in question was a sweet Bay Scollop. In the area the picture was taken it is abundant. A good tasting meal for both birds and humans.
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Aug 16, 2012
This isn't any old Little Egret but one roosting in a sycamore tree in my back garden early yesterday morning, first time he has been there that I have seen. The sun had risen behind him but very cloudy. (R5 + 800mm DO II).



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Apr 30, 2017
Trying to put in order my folder "Northern Cardinal". Many photos made with my old photo-editing programs and more importantly with my older photo-editing skills... Didn't get any deeper into the folder - this one was the first and last (Thanksgiving any way:)). The main problem that I found with some pictures was that they were taken with my old photo-shooting skills:rolleyes:. Sometimes you look at your own photos and asking yourself "and you were thinking WHAT doing this?!".
The photo below is not in that basked, it's rather fresh (2019). Just some little improvements with PL4.