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May 9, 2013
San Diego
I sat down beneath a smaller pine tree to catch some shots of several species gathering nesting materials and also forage for the some of the growing number of insects. A Purple Finch had hopped up to my boots while White Breasted Nuthatches foraged on the pine boughs a foot from my head when a female Western Bluebird hopped up on a rock looking for a snack. Understated coloring but the detail in the feathers was pretty amazing.

R5 600 II w/1.4X 1/1000 : f/8 : ISO 1000


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Nov 8, 2011
I decided to try the R5+EF500mm f/4L IS II + 2XIII combination. I liked the result more than the R5 + EF400mm f/4 DO II + 2XIII combination.
Of course up to now the conditions were different so no exact apples to apples comparison.

Never the less here is the result cropped at 100%.

R5, 1000mm (500mmII+2XIII), 1/2500, f/8 ISO 800. Some PP at camera raw (mainly Sharpening 40% at radius 1, Detail 25,Masking 55, Noise Reduction 8 , Color Noise reduction 25) . No Dxo PL4 noise reduction. I used silent shutter at 20fps.

Unfortunately I didn't think to repeat the test with my 5DsR too but I have used that combination already and I like it.
(The shooting conditions weren't ideal in the sense that I did not have space to use properly my tripod so I would have to take the combo inside, change camera and go again outside).
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Aug 16, 2012
A Longtailed Tit appeared in our garden in the evening sun after a very rainy day. I had the 100-500mm + 2x extender with the light behind me, and got a level of detail at 9m from the bird I had never achieved before. The AF is a bit sluggish for BIF but for static birds the eyeAF just latches on at 1000mm f/14. DxO oversharpens this combination at its standard settings with the the lens at 600-1000mm, and I dial down the sharpening otherwise it looks unnatural for my taste.