SIGMA announces the “SIGMA fp”, the world’s smallest and lightest mirrorless digital camera* with a full-frame image sensor


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Aug 18, 2017
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Too small, no grip and no viewfinder. Put a 70-200mm f2.8 or a 100-400mm on it and see how miserable it is to use. One can go too small where ergonomics no longer are decent.
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Dec 31, 2018
Looks good camera for me ,base block you can fit to pocket when wanting go light.
There will be maybe big grip with extra shutter button and adjust rings ,and for both hands models. with wireless connection to camera
I know that add viewfinder scope looks bit silly with its size but what if it gives as good viewing experience what optical viewfinder +dicital benefits.
I bet they add later smaller evf module too.
Its nice if you need just update central camera block when wanting more new model with better sensor.
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Feb 14, 2014
Too small, no grip and no viewfinder. Put a 70-200mm f2.8 or a 100-400mm on it and see how miserable it is to use. One can go too small where ergonomics no longer are decent.
This clearly isn’t the camera for big zooms...or telephoto lenses for that matter. It’s size limits it’s practicality in that sense. Saying that, Sigma primes are almost bordering on the size of zooms though. The lack of a viewfinder is a no no for me.
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..a shuttered lens, backwards viewing backwards..
All right SIGMA! Woot! Now pay attention Canon! Please!

Ever since Canon came out with the R, Canon has been in decline and basically *******. They are the new Nikon, stuck back in 1988, pandering to soccer moms and game hunters. Most of the better companies have a compact full frame, but not Canon. Meanwhile Canon has an aps-c mirrorless they have ignored that can't take the new lenses.
No company makes that "perfect" camera, I know, but damn, Canon, even poor Sigma and Trashy Tamron is beating you, again and again and again! When you find yourself struggling to keep up with 3rd-rate copiers like Tamron to the point of that stupid Chinese Youngnoui brand being little worse in quality than the latest crap ST-motor lens, then yes, you are *******. Canon.
Again, way to go Sigma. They are so innovative over there. Amazing.
Sigma makes the most for the least. I mean Nikon makes, um...nothing since 1987. Canon makes good lenses but they only update every 30 years, and now they market-segment HEAVILY. Their last good camera was 6dm1, or 5dsr if you only shoot studio. Sony makes the best sensors, and pack the best into small packages, but their full frame mount is the equivalent of an EF-M mount slapped over full frame. Full frame itself is in a sad state of affairs, so I guess it isn't Canon so much. It is just that I have about $30k spent on Canon.

I owned a Sigma dp2 Quattro and I loved it, and while I hate all of the canon bodies beyond 5DSR, I will probably be buying this Sigma to try to get some use out of my Canon L glass that just gathers dust in favor of the amazingly versatile SONY.


Dec 31, 2018


Dec 31, 2018
And now there isnt shutter, mirror ,grip and viewfinder on fp should be realistic price 1k
Think if bit later comes another same kind of central unit but with 100 mpixel foveon sensor for 1k price.
You can use 25 mpixel one on dim light and change to foveon when lot of light ,like changing film.
No wonder canon drawed back 64mpixel high resolution camera ,would looked like joke when launched same time with sigma camera.
canon and sony are *******! :p


Aug 11, 2016
This camera is a niche low volume product like many of Sigma's cameras. It doesn't have a mechanical shutter, so it will be compromised in stills performance depending on what you compare it against. At the same time, it will offer CDNG and 4K that can be built up or down depending on the type of production. I think that if someone is considering to buy this as a 80% stills and 20% film device, they would be making a very poor decision/investment. I've been using a Blackmagic Micro for quite some time and it doesn't have a screen at all, can't shoot stills, doesn't even do 4K and has a tiny m43 sensor. But it is small and light for gimbals, jibs and cranes on certain jobs. I don't exactly want a grip, viewfinder, or anything else on the body.


Jan 16, 2015
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i may be short, but I don't live under a bridge.

I want to see a FF camera that by it's asterisk it says, "worlds lightest and tiniest set of 5 removable lenses". just like the thin part of the iphone, I don't care about anymore and haven't since the iphone 5, i just want a better camera and better at&t service in my house. even if that means the phone needs to be a tad thicker.