The Canon EOS R3 will cost €6099, still waiting on USD pricing

Jul 21, 2010
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Feb 25, 2015
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[..]What does stand out: I never got picked out while travelling with the wife, and get picked out rather often while traveling solo while carrying a lot of gear (large camera bag+laptop bag).
Pro-tip: don't have a name that is similar to one on the watch-list. I haven't been able to use e-passport gates in the past 8 years or so, they always "malfunction" and someone in uniform with firearms shows up for a manual check. And the "random" carry-on checks at the gate pick me 9 times out of 10. And when travelling to the US the TSA is always kind enough to repack and refold everything in the checked luggage and leave a handy flyer that can be used as a bookmark.

But I haven't had a customs inspection since 2008, so maybe they use a different watch-list :)
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What currency site are they using, jesus!!

Today $5500 is 4,648.6215 Euros as per

or if we take your rumoured price of €6099, thats 7,215.7485 US Dollars.

I t would literally be cheaper for every european photographer to fly to NY and buy it there and stick in luggage.
This has been the way for quite some time now. It sucks to be a Canon customer in Europe what can I say!?
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6000 euros .. I was spot-on.
That is just too much for a 24mpix camera
Resolution doesn't matter for a camera optimised for sports and news. In fact, if anything, 24mp is a little on the high side. If you walk down the sidelines and check all the 1D X IIs, IIIs, and 7D IIs in use, you'll find most of them are set to medium jpg.

With these sorts of cameras you are never paying for the resolution. You're paying for the durability, reliability, speed, and connections.
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Jun 14, 2020
Don't forget US prices are without (sales) taxes - EU prices include VAT (between 19 and 25% or so depending on where you live/buy the gear) and (sometimes?) even recycling charges etc.

Also, import duties might vary between the US and the EU depending on what protectionist measures / international deals / trade wars are in effect between either of them and Japan.

Moreover there can be marketing reasons to sell things at different price points in different areas of the world. I'm very sure any company of the size of Canon does do their homework on this. And also that they have goals for market share that might differ between continents etc. Top it off with e.g. using priced like 5999 vs. 6001 can make a big psychological effect on some buyers' decisions.

Canon sets these prices for a longer time than just a one moment in time, so they'll buffer in some currency exchange rate volatility as well. They might even hedge it all depending on predicted sales etc.

Finally: Let's assume it's 6099€ in a country with a 25% VAT rate: That's 4.879,20 € for canon, rest goes to the government's coffers.

Those 4879,20 € convert right now xaccording to Google into 5,764.63 USD. So assuming there's no difference in import duties, patent license fees, etc., Canon is in effect making more from a camera sold in the US than they are making from a camera sold in the EU.
Nokishita is the source of the price leak and they stated VAT of about 20%.
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I'm in the same boat here. The only two things I don't love about my R5 are the buffer and the (slight) electronic shutter warping. The 1dx2 and 1dx3 buffer is actually unlimited, you can fill any card before it hits the buffer. I would bet the R3 can match that, easily. Whereas the R5(and even the A1) both have a buffer of maybe 50-80 raw images. That sounds like a lot until you're holding down the shutter and hitting the buffer in 2 or 3 seconds of action. Whereas on the 1dx mark II, if something incredible is happening, I can just hold down the shutter for the next 30 seconds and have every single frame in perfect detail.

I am more than happy with my 1dx2 as a secondary camera to the R5, but like you said, it's annoying having duplicate lenses to worry about.

In all reality I'm actually very excited by the idea of a usable 30 fps. On the R5 I tend to avoid 20 fps due to buffer/file size, but at 24 mp I'll be less worried about file size.

If Canon implemented a way to control the FPS of electronic shutter, I would use the crap out of 20 fps at 24 mp.

In rough nonscientific math, 45 mp at 20 fps is ~900 MB/s, 24mp at 30 fps is ~720 MB/s, and 24mp at 20 fps is ~480MB/s.
Do you have the same problem when using cRaw files? The buffer depth is much deeper then.
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Nov 7, 2013
7.299,- € is the first price I could find in Germany yet.

We'll have to wait, if this will be confirmed by other stores or not.

5.999,- € price in Germany at several stores.
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If you don't:

Customs in Europe can and will inspect luggage not just on your first return trip, but on every single return trip from outside the EU and can and will demand to see invoices of paid VAT on such items you bring back.

FWIW: the JFK-BRU route is the one I got checked on the most. But that might just be coincidence. I've only had it once when flying back home from Washington DC (Dulles) [I flew much more often from Dulles than from JFK].

I've never been checked, but I totally agree on your points. One challenge for me is that I purchased a 300/2.8 while living outside of the EU, which I later legally imported into the EU as part of my personal belongings when I moved back. But I have zero ability to prove that on the spot.

BTW, I carried a ThinkTank retrospective 30 filled to the brim with camera gear (5D3, 4-5 lenses) without getting stopped in AMS and CPH airports. Fortune Favours the Fools, I guess.
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Aug 16, 2012
5.999,- € price in Germany at several stores.
It's £5789 in the UK, which corresponds to 6,796 €. Once again, it's a 13% price gouge in the UK over the EU by Canon Europe, 800 € more. If I were to buy, I'll wait until the price settles down and go to a reliable grey market dealer.
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