This is the possible Canon RF mount camera roadmap [CR2]


Feb 2, 2018
"A second body above the EOS RP replacement"

Can't stop thinking about the EOS R Mark II type camera replacement. How about
- 32 MP (current RP has 24, R has 30MP)
- 8 fps mechanical shutter (full autofocus)
- 12 fps silent shutter
- maybe even IBIS
- 1-card slot (people will now hate me :p)

Canon would save costs on the card slot, no need to develop fps/ new autofocus. I further think they could include IBIS since other manufacturers are doing the same. They could save costs non IS-lense instead. But I'd see how Canon would only put IBIS into the R6 and other upscale cameras to protect their sales.

For an Amateur/ enthusiast this could be great value and guess Canon would start pricing it at 2.000 $ or maybe a bit less.
I love my R. I actually don’t want the R5 or R6. So this if this is the new R “Mark II” it will be perfect :)

EOS 4 Life

Sep 20, 2020
Priced between the RP and the R6, but not an R Mark II. Does that mean "not in the R price range", or "similar in price to R but a completely new model like 'RQ' "?

Current retail prices in USD for these models:
  • EOS RP body: $999.99
  • EOS R body: $1,799.00
  • EOS R6 body: $2,499.00
I was going to say that R is between RP and R6.
It would make sense for RP2 or some number like that to be between RP and R.
The RP can use any numbering Canon comes up with.
Between the R and R6 could be confusing put Canon could add a different number after R then P.
That way they could come up with any number they want.


CR Pro
Sep 3, 2019
Good point but will 1 or more APS RF cameras mean an end to the existing EOS M system ?

I doubt it, because the EOS M is aimed at a different group of people. Yes, you can get a fantastic camera with the M series (the M6-II) which has, I believe, many of the features the 7D folks want, but falls short in build quality and of course has no viewfinder. But on the whole the Ms are aimed at the same market as the Rebels.

If something "dies" in EOS M land, it might be that they never produce another M series camera at the same "level" as the M6-II.
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CR Pro
Jan 29, 2011
Canon, why still no direct Z6(II)/A7III(IV) competitor?
Or, given the unprecedented success Canon have had in the R5 and R6 one might more reasonably ask Sony and Nikon why no R5 or R6?

But Canon would probably say the R6 is as close to the Z6 II and A7 III as you are going to get for now, either buy it or don't we can sell all we can make.

Aussie shooter
Dec 6, 2016
pro R body:
32-40MP (or like Sony A9II successor) at 16 fps with shutter, 22 with electronic shutter
even 1 step better DR in low light
better battery performance, able to get 1000+ shots with one battery
next gen quad AF system and IBIS that can be easily activated and deactivated
2 cf express cards
built in wireless transmitter/receiver
bigger display
I dont think there is a stop of improvement remaining in DR.32mp perhaps but i doubt canon will go to 40 on their 'pro' body. And given that dpaf 2 is brand new i cant see a new gen focusing system yet.


Earl of Exposure
Dec 17, 2013
Canon doesn't need to produce more at current time - have large enough range already and
only thing that is missing from their line up & Nikon is a pro ML camera, e.g., R1 or Nikon Z9, etc.

With a contracting camera market may be sensible for Canon to do less in terms of no of active camera models be it compact, APS ML and RF ML (APS & FF) and have smaller range of cameras and leave the rumored updates for Gen 3 in 2022 onwards
Why quote what I said? More bodies on the way was CR's idea not mine.


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Aug 31, 2018
I dont think there is a stop of improvement remaining in DR.32mp perhaps but i doubt canon will go to 40 on their 'pro' body. And given that dpaf 2 is brand new i cant see a new gen focusing system yet.

On the flagship model, I'd gladly take 28-32 MP on a newly-designed sensor. Even better if there's global shutter.
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Dec 25, 2012
The entire R series mirrorless is Canon's "Shock and Awe" offensive in the enthusiast camera market.
Sony was frightening the community by rattling their MILC sabers with ever better bodies and more lenses.
Canon was mocked for the R and RP and the world looked like it was going to submit to the dark lord of Sony rule.
But with the launch of "R Storm" , Canon has pounded the market into shock with two new bodies that are significantly far ahead of the competition along with lenses and a roadmap that makes the product planners at the remaining firms wonder why they did not take up a different line of work.
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David - Sydney

CR Pro
Dec 7, 2014
I wonder what they can possibly do in the segment above the R5. More Mega pixels for landscape photography? or faster FPS for action/sports? Better low light performance...or all three.
they could fix the overheating for 8k video, but since they have a different line for that, I doubt that will be enough.

(personally I have an R6 and the autofocus is such an improvement over the RF glass)
My guess for R1 is minimum specs as R5 but in 1D body ( AF-On smart controller buttons, dual CFe slots) with:
- Global shutter (no mechanical shutter). Rolling shutter artifacts significantly better than current electronic shutter
- 45mp sensor with IBIS (IBIS can be turned off)
- 30fps electronic shutter burst with full tracking - perhaps with buffer ie not unlimited
- ~20mp on-the fly over sampled (no lossy compression/cRAW/S-RAW) at full 30fps unlimited buffer. Best of both worlds.
- Dual Digic X to spread the heat generation and generate less heat per CPU
- Unlimited 8k cinema raw lite internal recording to CFe card capacity
- 6K/60. 4k/120 unlimited no crop internal recording.
- No line skipping/pixel binning 4k/6k modes
- 29:59 recording limit
- Clog2/3
- minimum 16fps using anti-flicker depending on frequency of the flicker lighting
- AF in very low light (quad pixel makes sense but would be equivalent to a 180mp sensor!)
- pixel shift high res stills
- 9+ megadot EFV with no blackout and fast refresh rates (at lease 120fps). >0.5" in size
- full sized HDMI 2.1 port (48G) or thunderbolt 3 USB-C or both
- Mini XLR audio option
- Ethernet port
- Flippy screen included. This one I am not sure on but still needed I think. Weather sealing will need to be excellent though

This merges the current 1Dxiii/R5 features with global shutter possibilities. Main differences are electronic processing/firmware and sensor. The 1D has always had excellent video capabilities and I would expect it to be similar for the R1


Won't directly compete with cinema line due to form factor but there will be a similar specced cinema form factor with unlimited 8k raw option, heaps of buttons and vented/fan cooled. Cxxx option will be more expensive.


EOS M6 Mark II
Oct 31, 2020
Will the follow-up for the RP get a new naming scheme? And the above "RP level, but no R Mark II" camera as well? Canon could do the following:

R9 - RP successor
R8 - above RP
R7 - APS-C Camera, if it is a 7d successor.



This would be a clear naming scheme and easily to remember plus it really gives one a feeling, where ones camera is on a scale. I`d especially like the gap between R5/ R1. It really is a statement for the R1 camera.


CR Pro
Sep 2, 2018
Kentucky, USA
3 more R FF bodies, plus 1 new R APS body (& APS lenses) with careful vertical marketing placement, will drastically increase the future growth of Canons R mount system. It's absolutely fantastic for all of us already in the R mount system.

Personally, I'm interested in a 2nd (but no more) body so I can have 2 on hand and not swap lenses. A 90MP R5s, with whatever additional upgrades it has, would probably be worth getting for me. I happen to like taking big multi-row panoramas, but they can have serious stitching trouble with moving imagery. With my R5 I've started to do single row panos with the camera in vertical position so my panos can be 8.2K pixels high and whatever I want wide - that's pretty darn good and gets rid of almost all stitching issues. A 90MP sensor would increase the pano resolution to about 11.5K pixels high which would be even better. The pixels are getting so small that I'm not sure how much better the 90MP images will be compared to the 45MP images, but if you have their best L quality R lenses then I can only hope it will be worth getting the R5s instead of a 2nd R5.
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