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Indiegogo: KOBRA Flash Modifier

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If you missed out on the very successful Kickstarter campaign for the KOBRA flash modifier, you can take advantage of their second campaign and savings over at Indiegogo.

You can visit Indiegogo now to learn more about the KOBRA Flash Modifier, the press releases is after the break.

Learn more about the KOBRA Flash Modifier


KOBRA Flash Modifier Provides Photographers Exceptional Design and Function on Kickstarter

KOBRA takes a bite at the flash modifier market with a relaunch on Kickstarter offering an attractive design and price

Irvine, CA Red Tusk, LLC. announced the relaunch of their KOBRA Flash Modifier on Kickstarter with exclusive features and competitive pricing.

The KOBRA was designed to give photographers an effective modified flash solution that is lightweight, flexible and with a sleek design. Professional photographer, Paul McKelvey, conceived the idea for KOBRA through his disappointment in the current market. McKelvey said, “I have used all the ‘on camera flash’ modifiers that are available and have been unsatisfied with the results. I decided to stop complaining and make my own.”

The new Kickstarter campaign includes the improved KOBRA Band, a high-grade, flexible silicone that is not affected by high or low temperatures. The new design features vent holes to allow air to circulate over the flash head and prevent the potential for overheating.

Red Tusk, LLC. took the lessons learned from their first campaign to heart. Manufacturing in the U.S. resulted in an unrealistic funding goal. During their research and design, they found an experienced manufacturing facility specializing in quality silicon molding that would meet all their needs at a lower cost.

As a result, backers will find improved pricing over the previous campaign. Pre-orders for the KOBRA Flash Modifier starts at $38, a 25% discount off the retail price.

Red Tusk, LLC. is confident the KOBRA will be a vital part of a photographers’ kit. “The beauty of the KOBRA is that it gives the user the ability to control the light, explains McKelvey. “You can focus on capturing moments

rather than looking for ceilings or walls to bounce off. The KOBRA will give you a high-quality outcome, no matter what lighting conditions you are in.”

Visit the KOBRA Flash Modifier Indiegogo page to pre-order, and learn more about the product. The campaign runs until June 9, 2018. For further information please email,



Two words... GARY FONG. Preying on the newbies, destined for the landfill.


The dark side - I've been there
CR Pro
Nov 7, 2013
Why putting a pattern (the Kobra flash symbol) on the side that should produce a diffusion of light as smooth as possible?
If I was looking for like that, this would have become the dealbreaker to me. ::)


Long live the Oligarchy!
CR Pro
Dec 20, 2012
But at least the kickstarter angle makes buyers feel like they're in on the start of something big.


Oct 23, 2011
The only real way to modify the harsh light on a flashgun is to use a much bigger diffuser. Size is everything and these small modifiers are all much the same.


I post too Much on Here!!
CR Pro
Jan 29, 2011
Nitroman said:
The only real way to modify the harsh light on a flashgun is to use a much bigger diffuser. Size is everything and these small modifiers are all much the same.

That is why bouncing and flagging are the best things to learn. The 'Black Foamie Thing' changed my on camera flash use for ever, it cost $1.
Jul 24, 2018
Ah, such clever advertisement from Kobra.

This is another small diffusion unit just like MagMod and MANY other similar products.

It's the SIZE of your light source, people, the SIZE of it! No matter how clever you
advertise and market this product, photographers who have been in this business
long enough and know what the heck they're doing will never buy this product if all
they're simply looking to do is soften the light/shadows. Oh well, amateurs will fall for this product