Lensrentals.com has posted their first in a series of MTF charts for Canon lenses, I imagine they'll post other brand MTF charts as well. The first release is for Canon prime lenses, excluding tilt-shift lenses, those will be done in a separate article.

Roger explains the methodology of the testing:

This is the first post of a series of posts publishing all of our MTF results so that methodology is consistent, easy to find, and up-to-date. (For some of the older lenses there are graphs done with older software floating around. For a couple of lenses, there are incorrect graphs done before we worked out all of the details for sensor glass in the testing pathway. These are all current.)

Otherwise, there are no comparisons, no commentary, just the test results for you to use and abuse as you see fit. The major purpose is just to get these MTF charts organized and in one place where you can find them.

Just to avoid 4,200 comments: these are all average MTFs from multiple copies. They are all measured at the widest aperture. Yes, I know you’d like several apertures. I haven’t got the time or money to do that. Sorry. Check out the full article and MTF charts.

image credit // Lensrentals.com

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