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More Video Camera Rumors [CR1]

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Here is some info from the latest revision as of last week on the Pro Camera Product:

  1. Dual ASIC Components for real time 12MP Scaling to 1080p 60-30-24 4:2:2 color space with uncompressed 4:4:4 over optional attachment module.
  2. Spec shows CMOS sensor capable of windowed mode for use with large 20x video zooms.  1/3 windowed mode will yield 1080p without binning.
  3. Canon is still developing CCD tech and will introduce products in pro and semi-pro markets. CCD will still be used in many pro video and enterprise products. CMOS will be a complementary product to the pro video line.
  4. Overcrank will be limited to 60p, nothing higher with a 48p option.
  5. No global shutter for the CMOS. It will offer better performance than any competing product.
  6. Timelapse feature recorded 4:4:4 12.1MP on JPEG sequences to SD card. Programmable from one frame a minute to one hour.
  7. Programmable settings can be transferred on SD card for several cameras. Cinema, WB and K options can be set by SD also.
  8. Quicktime Wrapper format like that in the 5D Mark II.
  9. Sensitivity down to 1.5 lux with excellent noise performance. Still in testing!
  10. Dual phantom power XLR 48khz 24bit inputs. 4 XLR with optional module.
  11. Work is being done simultaneously on a portable 2/3 fixed lens version. Sensor will be smaller to accommodate a 14x zoom.
  12. 5D Mark II might get Av mode but not shutter control in video. Rumor I’ve heard twice now.


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  1. Go out and buy a video camera … you guys that just like photography just don’t get it. Have you compare the footage of this camera vs the canon xha1 or the Panasonic hvx 200 of anything. that’s what I thought you don’t have a clue. Instead of criticizing try to learn the facts. This camera shoot great video, but there is little control for artist to shoot creatively. And canon can do something about it. I’ts like having a beautiful wife and she can’t cook at all. It’s good but you still sacrifice a lot.

  2. Here’s a question for you all. Now don’t be too harsh if this is a stupid question as I only have stills cameras (5DmarkII, 30D) at the moment but am considering having a look at a second hand XL2. Are the Canon EF stills lenses interchangable or usable on the XL2 and visa versa?

  3. “By using the optional EF adapter, you can match your XL2 to any one of the huge assortment of Canon EOS photography lenses. Since these lenses are designed for 35mm still photo cameras, and because the XL2’s image plane is a bit smaller than one-third inch in size, there is a magnification factor of at least 7.8 applied to the focal length of the EOS lens, depending on which aspect ratio you’re using. For instance, if you mounted a 200mm EOS lens on your XL2, the effective focal length works out to 1560mm, which is a much longer telephoto shot than the standard 20x video lens is capable of. When you use Canon’s really big EOS lenses, such as the 400mm, 500mm and 600mm lenses, the resulting magnification is like turning the XL2 into a telescope… perfect for some limited applications such as surveillance or wildlife videography. It’s also possible to mount a wide-angle prime lens, combined with a wide-angle adapter, to achieve a medium focal length video lens with the quality of Canon EOS glass.”

    Adapter here:

    costs like $450

    long story short, pay half a grand to put EF lenses on your XL2, XL2’s lenses won’t fit on a EOS body, and if they did they wouldn’t completely cover a APS-C sensor.

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