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New Canon Patent Finds

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More Patent Fun
A couple of New Patents filed by Canon this month.

Just remember, not all patents make it to market.

canonsensorstabilization - New Canon Patent Finds
Sensor Based Stabilization?

The first patent found is for what appears to be sensor based stabilization. Could this be for a powershot, and SLR or perhaps a new EVIL camera system?

US Patent: 20100003025

LCD in Viewfinder

canoninviewfinderlcd1 - New Canon Patent Finds
Viewfinder LCD

This one adds a small LCD in the viewfinder. You can keep the camera up to your eye and see through the viewfinder while reviewing previous images taken.

US Patent: 20100002109

from PetaPixel via Photography Bay


81 responses to “New Canon Patent Finds”

  1. Neither Canon nor Nikon have any DSLR using in-body image stabilisation. How can one be leading the other in that respect?

    Canon has no production camera at all with sensor-shift image stabilisation, but Nikon put it in the Coolpix P90 a year ago. The fact that it is not in any of their DSLRs has nothing to do with the technical feasibility of the system–who would doubt that they know how to do it? They are the dominant players, so they can afford to delay the introduction of the system in an effort to sell their more expensive IS/VR lenses.

    However, it is becoming harder and harder for them to release new cameras that have significant enough improvements over the previous generation to entice existing owners to upgrade. When they run out of other ideas (video, articulating screens, improved ISO and DR, etc.), they’ll eventually have to introduce in-body stabilisation to make their sales. They will do that last of all, because that will hurt lens sales, but as soon as one does it the other will follow immediately. It would not surprise me if they both have the system ready to go, so that they can add it to the very next model they announce if their competitor blinks first.

  2. Holy cow…..
    Finally Canon admit their IS-system sucks.
    In-lens IS can and will never have an edge over sensor stabilization, as in-lens only works for those lenses having the IS, but not all the other lenses one have.
    This is the same debate as what is the worlds best camere ? It is the camera you have in you hand/on your body whenever a photo opportunity appears.
    I see Canon people turning off their IS because as they say and i quote: “it only sucks more power and is too slow to react, getting too many blurred photos with it turned on because i shoot before IS is ready”

    And Canon is in front of inventions ? Hey….how many Kodak Patents do they pay for ?
    Who made AF ? And you can carry on…

    One up the thread made a move from Canon to Sony…You shouldnt worry, you are among a really nice group of people…and you can always claim better colors than Canon-users, you even have autofocus Zeiss lenses.

    Luckily i uses not only one brand of cameras…so i can luckily compare :-)

  3. Sure, but it’s often not practical to carry and deploy a tripod or even a monopod, and IS is a godsend for hand-holding in low light. And while I agree a fast lens would generally be preferable to the equivalent level of IS, that’s just not possible; consider that modern IS gets you around 3 – 4 stops equivalent stability whereas a fast lens is perhaps 2 stops faster (also while the additional bokeh is welcome more often than not, sometimes you want more DOF.)

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