Just a quick post
I received an email about a new consumer DSLR being tested.

A couple of features that were mentioned.

– Movie focused
– Swivel LCD
– Between the T2i & 7D
– A smaller form factor than the 50D, but not by much.
– The announcement is coming in July

From the same source
A new flash and 1Ds Mark IV will be announced near the end of August/Early September.


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  1. That feature established and held the entire market for multiple generations of G series lovers who bought every edition and finally woke up to see the benefits od DSLR.

  2. Another rare and well thought out educated heartfely comment by someone who isn’t just here to post wishlists,
    Some people actually know things…

    I keep informing the sites what really coming but it seems like everyone is in denial these days.

  3. My system treats me fine, thank you. And that happens to be CANON. I prefer to keep it that way. But unfortunately, any person who has a GRASP on reality understands what I’m talking about. I am not talking about “vaporware”; i’m talking about cameras that actually exist. Compare specs/ files/ performance of still photos the two year old D3/ D3s to the NEWEST Canon camera- the MK IV. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Then use both cameras for at least a week, and get back to me.
    in the future, I would stop making comments that defile your intelligence to someone like me who doesn’t drink the Canon Koolaid, but instead actually SHOOTS photos with Canon cameras, and will tear your so-called knowledge apart; you’ll just look like a bozo…

  4. You mean Carl Ziess? The makers of the finest glass in the business to this day? Yes.
    “Don’t understand video.” What are you talking about? Have you ever used any Nikon DSLR’s with HD? If so, please state your findings, and comparisons between them and Canon. PERSONAL experience , not some review you read in a magazine.
    Did you read my post? I didn’t say PRESENT models- I said UPCOMING models. Talk to me about Nikon understanding/ not understanding video then…
    And who the hell cares about Sony? Until they make a flagship camera that can compete with Canon 1Ds series or the Nikon D3x, they are irrelevant…

  5. if you read my post below about inferiority/ superiority, then you’ll understand. And don’t talk to me about Rebel series cameras- those are for hobbyists. I’m talking about prosumer/ pro cameras- the real stuff.

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