New 20x w/HD CCD
An email swears there will be a new Canon superzoom to replace the SX10 IS.

Another source says it will not have full 1080p HD video and the SX1 would stay current.

Also being replaced/Discontinued.


Another View
Update already to the D10 and SD790

We'll see soon.


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  1. 100mm at f/3.5 means a 28.57mm aperture – bigger than the aperture in the EF 50mm f/1.8. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  2. By the looks of one of the images on that forum, the touchscreen ELPH’s lens is a protruding type, rather than a “folding optics” type as used in other maker’s models (eg. SONY T series).

  3. Hej, except for the G11 screen, this looks like very small updates. The only thing the SX1xx need is a viewfinder, and it’s not there. SX20 looks exactly like the SX10, with 12Mpixels. :/

  4. you have a point, but, like well, dint panasonic produce a 12x 36-432 f2.8 constant in its fz20 ? there can be some clever engineering. although the fz20 i think had a larger glass…

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