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New PowerShots Shortly?

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New 20x w/HD CCD
An email swears there will be a new Canon superzoom to replace the SX10 IS.

Another source says it will not have full 1080p HD video and the SX1 would stay current.

Also being replaced/Discontinued.


Another View
Update already to the D10 and SD790

We’ll see soon.


35 responses to “New PowerShots Shortly?”

  1. Come one guys .. We can’t quit trying and giving up .. I will stay up all night if I have too !

  2. I’m predicting:
    Old model: New model:
    E1: E2
    A1100/2100 IS: A2200/A1200 IS.
    SX110: SX120
    G10: G11
    SD990 SD995?

  3. the new sx20, might have the HD video @720 lines. that suits them well. the sx2 might have a few more bells and whistles attached say an external mic slot for the cam as like the GH1 has ?

    i’d really would have not minded an 8 megapixel sensor, but sharper and much better image quality, and most critically a f2.8-3.5 instead of the f5.7 :(

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