Cameras to be replaced, one list.

This little guy has been a top seller for Canon. I don't think there's a point for them to replace the A590, just sell a ton of the A730.

Expect minor upgrades and a prettier looking camera. This will continue to sell exceptionally well for Canon.

A camera that did very well after the first massive price drop before the Panasonic TZ5 was released. It's a good camera that is very rough around the edges when compared to the TZ5. Could they split the 10x zoom camera into 2 different models? I've heard they'll have a cheaper version like the SX100 currently is. Then add a more expensive TZ5 killer.

For the SX200, expect a megapixel upgrade, larger screen and maybe a flash that doesn't need to be manually popped up. It'll still use AA batteries. This could be an HD video camera, although they may hold that to its more expensive sibling.

A great camera that sold pretty well. Expect the SD880 to have minor upgrades. Again, this could get HD Video.

I've never touched or seen one of these cameras, I won't comment.

This is a niche market camera. It's big, it's ugly and it feels like you're holding the worlds cheapest brick. Is there a place for it? Yes, somewhere. Perhaps they can make it look better, and retain the articulating screen. I don't want to see a megapixel jump, but you know they probably will. HD Video again.

A top seller for Canon for a long time. The new camera will probably have a bigger zoom range (starting at 28mm), more megapixels and I've been told the articulating screen could be nixed in favor of a 3″ high resolution screen. Expect to see the jog wheel added to the camera.

There's mixed information as to whether the camera will be “AA” or Li-Ion powered, i favor the latter, a lot favor the former.

This will not be a CMOS camera, I don't expect to see a CMOS “S” camera until August 2009.

The camera everyone cares about, what are they going to do with the G line? I've had a few people tell me the camera will be split into 2 models. A more of the same G10, and a super high end point & shoot, the “GSi” (not sure about the name).

The “GSi” will be the first Canon point & shoot to use a larger CMOS sensor, it'll be around 10mp and have a 28-70L lens (I'd love to see a 24mm). The sensor won't be APS-C, but it will bring noise down considerably for a point and shoot.

The “GSi” could be priced higher than the XS. Canon could make a great margin on it. A lot of people would spend considerable money on a pocket camera that performs at ISO 1600. I might be one of those people.

Panasonic and Nikon are quite serious about having great high end point and shoots. This is the bread and butter of Canon's camera business, I fully expect something butt kicking.

Other P&S's
There will be no TX1 replacement. It was a bad idea when it was on the drawing table, and it was a bad idea when it was released.

There might be a niche market camera Canon gets into, and that's a waterproof model. I've been told it's in the works. Olympus sells a ton of them, why can't Canon?

GPS? There's a possibility GPS will be added to a higher end Canon, it is something a few people want. I'm still not fully behind the point of GPS. If I had a camera with GPS, maybe I would change my mind.

P&S Flash?
I'm not sure if it's wishful thinking, or credible info. There is a couple people saying Canon will release a flash unit for P&S cameras. Half the size of the 430EX II and with a bounce and swivel head.

This is long overdue, I've yet to see an S5 user with a 580 on the camera (I'm sure there is somewhere).

A $200 flash unit would sell quite well.

I need some help
Starting Christmas day, I will be in Ireland, Spain and Portugal for 6 weeks. I then return to North America and I'll be off to Hilton Head, SC for another 2 weeks or so. I have doubts I'll really have much computer time.

I'm looking for someone that might want to do the postings here at Canon Rumors. There would be a few benefits to the person that does the job.

Before you ask, no… you can not live on the money that this site generates. :)

Anyone interested, drop me a line.

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