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001 270x300 - USA Rebates
Spend the savings on your significant other.

It appears the 70-200 f/2.8L will have a $200 rebate and there will be an $80 rebate on the 24-70. I'm sure other “L” glass will be included as well. I haven't seen the 100-400 or 35L on a rebate program in a while (in Canada), it'll be interesting to see if it shows up now.

I would expect to see a “buy more, save more” type of rebate program in Canada as well. The current rebate scheme is pretty lame.

I have no information about rebate programs in Europe. I rarely hear about those before they happen. Feel free to let me know if you work in retail.

thanks steven


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  1. Well it looks like the rebates will be here early this year:

    Adorama JUST raised the EF 50 f1.2 from $1400 to $1499 (they felt the need to take the ENTIRE $100 rebate)! (B&H still has it at $1400, but probably not for long).

    Adorama JUST raised the EF 100-400IS from $1460 to $1499 (they felt the need to take 40% of your $100 rebate).

    Adorama JUST raised the EF-S 10-22 from $710 to $740 (they felt the need to take 60% of your $50 rebate).

    How nice of them! I’m sure everyone else will follow step on Monday…

  2. That is BS! raising the price to take a percent of our rebates. Talk about ripping the consumers!!!!

  3. Right, does anyone know if Canada is getting the same discount on the items mention or we will have another list?

  4. So, How do these rebates work?

    Ive been looking at a Canon XSI(450d) for a while now, and would love to take advantage of the rebate sale.

    (Quick choice justification: I dont really care about the movie mode of the T1i and the XSI(450d)seems to have everything that I am looking for).

    Anyway, I was looking at online stores like Amazon, B&H, J&R, Adorama, but it seems like they bundle the XSI(450d)body and lenses with a bunch of accessories. Will the Rebate be reflected in the shopping cart if you buy one of these kits, or do you purchase the items separately and then the rebate is applied?

    This is my first time through this DSLR purchasing process, and it has proven to be quite a time consuming and confusing process… but hey Ive learned alot.

    Thanks for all your posts on this site they have been very helpful!

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