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What do YOU Think is Coming at PMA?

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I want to hear what you folks think is coming for PMA?

Rumors have been few and far between, will that mean PMA won’t bring us too many goodies? I’ll keep trying to find out.

My Predictions based on the best rumors I have will be up shortly.


80 responses to “What do YOU Think is Coming at PMA?”

  1. Which is why I’m guessing Nikon, Oly & Panny will offer a better show since they’re all going to try to steal as much Canon users as possible before Canon get’s off it’s lazy arse and give’s people the products/updates they want.

  2. I tell you what is amazing, that Canon didn’t sing any changes to the auto focus system, I wanted to but the mk2 but the literature canon supplied to me said it was the same. I dont think you can blame non mk2 owning consumers for saying it has poor auto focus… you can blame canon though

  3. I see Canon delivering a 500D with video and Digic IV processor.

    A lot of the DIGIC IV potential will be waisted because the 500D will be a unfinished product done in a hurry.

  4. yes they can. simply because the people who can afford a 1ds mkIII know the difference between iq and resolution. i’m pretty sure canon sees at the moment that nikon is having quite some sales with half the resolution. why? because those 13mp produce way better iq than a 21mp chip from canon. besides the difference between a prosumer and a pro body are also the extended functions and no playing around with “almost” usable video gimmicks. Canon should start working on their iq and high iso noise instead.

  5. Ok, let’s give it a go (any prizes for best guess?)

    – 1D4 with some 16 MP, full-frame (1.3 is a weird cropfactor imho), no video.
    – 20mm f/2 L (the low-mm primes are neglected too long now)
    – 100-400L II f/4-f/5.6 IS (well, the old one still sells, but it’s getting old. IQ can use a bit of a boost, but might conflict with 400f/5.6 sales)
    – 50L f/1.2 II to compete with the new Sigma and Nikon alternatives. f/1.4 just lacks power.
    – perhaps, just a guess : 500L DO IS f/5.6 (DO has its problems, and lacks IQ, but still helps on long lenses with a higher f-number. Price some >2K or so, but still a useful light-weight birdspotting lens)

    No IS on <100mm primes? Nope. Why would they? Just because it sounds cool? It stabilizes your hand-movements, not the thing in the picture, and you can always rely on a nice n sturdy tripod if you really want to.

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