From DSLR Magazine

“It is confirmed that Canon will shortly, photographers from news agencies, new units / model s / s s professionals to test their “beta”. Ads may be mid-August.”


CR's Take
This goes along with our original report that Reuters in Canada had signed NDA's for a new Canon pro body.

thanks mediobarco



  1. You have to be by far the most arrogant person I’ve come across in a very long time. Both comments you made on this page clearly demonstrate how out of touch and narrow minded you are.
    You don’t make history, you take pictures of people who make history. So don’t get a big head over nothing. Your just a messenger here. You are about a dime a dozen.
    It’s not the camera that makes the photographer but the photographer that takes the pictures that makes the camera.
    So, enjoy your 1Ds or 1D or whatever camera you have and I’ll be sure to enjoy my 400d.

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