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1D Mark IV [CR2.5]

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First set of specs
This is the first set of specs I’ve received in regards to the 1D Mark IV.

MP: 21.1 FF
100-12800 (L:50 – H: 51,200)
Proc: Dual DIGIC IV
3.5″ VGA LCD (Not sure about this)
FPS: 10fps
45 Point AF
AF: Face Detection
Feature: Various Crop Modes
Feature: LiveView with new AF
Feature: Movie Mode
Feature: Ergonomic Updates
Feature: GPS
Feature: Wifi
Feature: Dual CF & SD (4 total slots)
Announcement: Fall 2009

Possibility: A super high speed cropped shooting mode.

The source says not to expect it to be announced with any other camera. It’ll receive it’s own heavily promoted launch.


50 responses to “1D Mark IV [CR2.5]”

  1. BTW: Where’s all that excitement for EF-S support coming from? Face it: So far Canon has only built consumer grade lenses for the EF-S mount.
    Don’t get me wrong, at least some of those lenses deliver a quite reasonable quality and they’re well matched to the market they aim at. But who really wants to mount such a lens on pro body for presumably +5k bucks when there are superior L lenses around?

  2. As Sebastian I wonder why we need EF-S lenses on the pro bodies?
    Is there any point to this I miss, or is it the same people who wants this that whants to remove the buttons an get a tuschscreen?

  3. These specs seem too good to be true for the 1D Mark IV. What would they have to improve on the 1Ds Mark IV then? Even more resolution ?! That would be insanity.

  4. Just an idea, but could the 4 card slots suggest parallel processing where even numbered images are processed on one processor/card set and odd numbered images are processed on the second processor/card set?

    i.e. each processor/card set is handling every second 21mg image at 5fps

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