1D4 & 60D
I received an email that suggested select 1D4 and 60D's are being tested with 3″ OLED screens. Most of the test cameras are equipped with LCD screens.

USB 3.0
1D4 to be USB 3.0 ready. The initial camera shipments may come with it locked out, and be later turned on with a firmware upgrade as the spec reaches the masses sometime in 2010.

note: I don't have the technical knowledge to know if you can turn on usb 3.0 at a later date. If anyone has some insight, i'd appreciate it.

GPS & Wifi
The source says GPS will be built into the 1D4 and not the 60D. Wifi will be an addon product for both cameras.

The same email states August 25, 2009 for the official announcement.


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  1. As I said, if you enter fake data, and a person checks the location, you will be found out. Thats the beauty of it, anyone can go to the coordinates, you can even check on Google Satellite view.

  2. It’s not “closed minded” – it’s knowing what we want (and what we *don’t* want), and it’s not being suckered in by every shiny new gadget that appears on a camera.

  3. if you don’t want it don’t buy it. there may be a market for it. if the sales of some proposed ‘video kit lens’ add so much as a penny to the R&D for the stuff I do care about that’s enough reason to have it as far as I’m concerned.

    Personally I find the idea silly, I don’t even know what a ‘video kit lens’ is. The close-mindedness he is referring to is the immediate disapproval of an idea whith which one is not sufficiently familiar to see its advantage, or has no personal use for. I think we should all try to be less close-minded, we might even learn a better way to make our images as a result

    my $.02

  4. “DR increased to levels where the Nikons are or beyond: You just got a sale.”

    You’ll find that – with the sole exception of the new “toy” Nikon – Canon’s bodies beat the Nikons for DR across the board: certainly my 40D chews up and spits out the D300…

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