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*UPDATE* 5D Mark III [CR1]

First rumor!
I’ve been told today that internally Canon has bumped the 5D Mark III launch deadline ahead about 6 months. With the limitations of the Mark II as far as adding features via firmware (more on that in a second), Canon feels the camera needs an update to utilize the features of current dSLR’s.

The email said we can rest assured that Canon will not be on a 3 year product cycle for the 5D line. The source went on to say the 3D is a myth, there are no plans for it currently. The 5D Mark III would get the full frame and 7D autofocus system and a better featureset for video.

720p & 60fps
A clarification. I’m told that Canon is omitting 720p and 60fps from the 5D Mark II firmware update. The firmware update will have the 24/25p update.

Before people start cancelling orders. I still think this is a late 2010/early 2011 camera and the rumor is CR1.


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  1. Sony is very diverse. Music, movies. Sony electronics did hit a rough patch. But they’ve already turned the corner.

  2. I’m not planning to use the video for professional purposes. So I don’t think 24fps is important to me. However, I think I would have enjoyed 720p/60 for the slow mo effect. Bummer.

  3. Still makes the overall AF inferior to a camera that was over a year older. The AF was put in the 50d but not the 5dMk2 so there is no guarantee that the AF of the 7d will makes it way into a 5dmk3. It is more likely to make it’s way into the next APS-C camera.

  4. I know, I smell sulphur and lava and angels are getting ready to move the righteous to higher ground..

    Relax dude..

  5. Ok.. Didn´t know. But how about all those guys making nice and sharp video while focus pulling while shooting. They use zacuto z-finders though. Maybe it´s easier to focus through the lcd then I guess.

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