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A bit of history about Canon and catadioptric (mirror) lenses

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There has been a lot of talk about Canon and catadioptric lenses (mirror) since a patent surfaced with new lens designs likely for the RF mount. It has been rumored for quite some time that Canon would be bringing an RF 1200mm f/8 lens for the EOS R system, which could actually be a mirror lens.

Canon does have a history with mirror lenses, including the behemoth Canon 5200mm f/14 along with an 800mm f/3.8 and a 2000mm f/11. A Canon Rumors reader sent me a brochure for these three lenses and I found it to be a fun read.

These lenses were developed in the mid-1960s and can still fetch a king’s ransom on the used market. The 5200mm f/14 sold for about $50,000 a few years ago on ebay.

Check out the official Canon brochure:

Thanks a ton for the scans, Phil.


I'm New Here
CR Pro
Sep 2, 2018
If Canon brings out some cat lenses, I hope they're a bit lighter than these puppies!
I kinda remember the Nikon cat lens (for F models), and it was comfortably light (hand-holdable) at 500mm.


CR Pro
Sep 3, 2019
I've been contemplating a new telescope. With the right adapter it would essentially become something like this, just not Canon brand.


from EOS 1N to R
Dec 9, 2018
I love the aside, mocking the idea that these are hand-made! No way man, we make 'em on an assembly line! Back when enough people had enough experience with "artisan" products to know the benefits of factory-made goods...