60D Coming?
Yes it's April Fools day, and I've received some crazy stuff. This seems relatively legit.

60D Specs

  • 18mp (7D Sensor)
  • 11pt AF (New AF System)
  • Same Video Modes as T2i
  • Same LCD as T2i
  • 6fps
  • Not 100% VF
  • No Electronic Level
  • ISO 12800 Max
  • Prototypes are in the field

An announcement for the camera would be near the end of May/early June.


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  1. Michael B 66 on

    EF-S and EF compatibility is just – as you proposed – a matter of readout of the chip or better: a matter which subset of pixels is used if an EF-S lens is attached to the body. Nikon does it with one ore some cameras – if I remember right.

    The major problem with Canons lenses is the different GEOMETRY of the lens’s back: EF-S lenses might use more of the mirror box of the smaller APS-C compatible mirrors. In a full frame body you will see (and hear) a collision between mirror and the back element of the lens – not a good idea to check it.

    Canon has to find a mirror system which is large enough for full frame but travels around the EF-S lenses back. But I am shure that it is possible – if you are satisfied with 3 frames per second. In an EVIL concept – without the mirror – an implementation of EF and EF-S compatibility for full frame is just a matter of firmware programming.

  2. What’s the point of a 60D if Canon have just brought out the 550. Better it was the full frame 3D to take on the Nikon D7… or is that just wishful thinking?

  3. I am wondering what to choose for professional use.. the brand new Canon EOS 7D (DX) or the older Canon 5D Mark II (FX)… I know that 5D is 100% professional, but its a 2 years old model…

    Thank you in advance for your help…

  4. Canon 60D should have an articulated LCD screen! That would make 550D potential buyers move to 60D!! (and not to Nikon…). That, and a bigger grid! 550D just can’t fit in my hand – Nikon D5000 is so much better…

    Articulated LCD screen feature is missing in Canon DLSR’s, and 60D would be really interesting with this and not just a boring camera to fill the (rest of the) feature gap between 550D and 7D…

    Also how about weather sealing?

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