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Canon Waterproof/Shockproof Camera [CR2.5]

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Another person claiming it exists
I received another email from someone claiming Canon will in fact launch a waterproof/shockproof camera for PMA.

2.5″ LCD
3.5x Zoom (35-122)
Waterproof to 8 meters
Drop resistant to 6 feet

CR’s take
This camera concept seems like a no brainer for Canon. Olympus has proven there is a market, time to steal some back. Still take this with a grain of salt, I’ve received nothing solid from regularly good sources.


16 responses to “Canon Waterproof/Shockproof Camera [CR2.5]”

  1. Interesting. A good underwater compact would be fantastic. Oly’s do 3 metres or so don’t they? 8m would be a huge improvement.

  2. Olympus have two classes of tough cameras, one rated to 3m and other to 10m. I have seen the better model in 15m with no leak.

    5-6 mp with low noise underwater (low noise in red channel) and max depth 20m will be ideal for my snorkling.

  3. yep… if they wanted to take it one step further and improve it for diving/snorkling, they can make a provision for an auxilary light…. something a bit more powerful than the built in (with its own power) that is off to the side…there are a couple of manufacturers out there that make compact digitals like (need to look up the name again).

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