Shutter count madness when selling cameras


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Jul 21, 2010
Well if you're bringing grey market into this, that's an entirely other variable.

Here is one with 60k that just sold for $1850:

And one with 107k that just sold for $1900:

I don't feel that I'm off base here.

Also, full disclosure, on ebay I do have it listed for more because of ebay's selling fees. I do not expect to sell it on ebay. I just have it up there because if someone wants to pay a higher price that offsets the fees, I'm certainly not going to say no. But I'm trying to sell it locally without fees. And yes you could argue that maybe the price would even be less for a local sale, so I admit that. But I still don't feel that $1800-$1900 is out of line.
There’s one with 77K clicks on my local CL for $1750, and if it sells it will likely go for less than that (most items do). But hey, you can always hope one of P.T. Barmun’s friends happens along your ad while looking for the Great Egress. ;)
Apr 8, 2019
I picked up two gray market 5D Mark IV on eBay last winter for $1,850 each plus $50-100 ebay bucks rewards.

eBay regularly discounts grey market products by throwing in a couple dollars per sale to the sellers to offset the loss of the big discounts.

I know some people would rather get a used USA copy and pay a little more. I would rather have new with a warranty. One of the sellers actually called up after the sale and sent a new USA copy for an additional $200 on a mk iv I bought last summer. Verified everything when it shows up and it was, in fact, a USA body.

I tried selling one of them on Craigslist BNIB for $2,000 as I wasn’t sure I needed 4 bodies for this year and the buy was a little impulsive. 2 months went by and nothing, so I kept it.