A new EOS M camera appears for certification, with a twist

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Jul 20, 2010
Nokishita has uncovered certification information for a new Canon EOS M camera. This camera has the code name DS126843, which is unusual for an EOS M camera.
Canon News notes than the “DS” model number isn’t normal for the EOS M cameras, as they have historically started with “PC”. This could mean nothing, or perhaps it means there has been some internal shakeup in Canon and that the Powershot group is no longer developing EOS M cameras.
This camera looks to retain the small size of the EOS M lineup as it uses the LP-E12 battery and not the larger LP-E6 family of batteries.
We have previously reported that two new EOS M cameras were coming later in 2020, and this should confirm at least one is coming quite soon...

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Sibir Lupus

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Feb 4, 2015
This looks like an M50 successor (LP-E12, hotshoe). I don't understand why micro USB when the M6 moved to type C.

Simple, cost. MicroUSB is only for data transfer on these cameras. USB Type C adds PD functionality to allow recharging of the battery with a compatible charger. That adds complexity to the board and a higher cost to manufacture. The M50 was roughly half the price of the M5 when it launched, and I doubt that will change with the M50 Mark II when the M5 Mark II/M7 launches shortly after it.
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Yep I second this. I have the M6II which has the LP-E17 so I doubt the rumored upcoming flagship M camera would have the dinky little LP-E12 that the M50 has. If it does there's no fucking way i'm buying it - i'll sell all my gear and switch to Sony or Fuji if they do!

You'll change your mind.
but 1st will ask us:
"Did I make a mistake?"

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It's about damn time Canon gave the M-series some love! M6 Mark II was a big step in the right direction... But some of us would like to use a viewfinder and a real flash at the same time. Now, if we can just get Canon to start working on some EF-M lenses! They should be embarrassed that third party manufacturers are coming out with lenses better than their OEM.

A new M5 Mark II better have IBIS (for stills, too... Not just video). It needs to have dual SD slots and an optional battery grip, too. (An Arca-Swiss dovetail built into the grip would be very nice, too.)
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