Canon Releases 2Q 2018 Results, Claim to Have Captured #1 Mirrorless Marketshare in First Half of 2018 in Japan


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Jul 21, 2010
So that is your mark of innovation?
What benefit would Canon get? 'Oooh, look marge, I will buy Canon because those lenses I cannot afford have fancy grooves in the side of the tripod mount'
"Help, Marge. Scott Kelby's video says to hold the camera sideways by the bottom to take nice portraits, but this stupid useless groove on the bottom hurts my hand. Guess I shoulda bought that Nikon like Joe and Ken said."
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Apr 3, 2013
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Hi fullstop.
Yep A.S.(C) would be the standard for five minutes until Nikon and Sony launch the A.S.(N) & A.S.(S) variants then choosing a tripod head just got a whole lot more expensive (3 versions of the same thing to the same share of the tripod head market = more cost to the user) some things only need a few seconds thought to see they are a bad idea!

Cheers, Graham.

the moment Canon would mill 2 dovetail grooves into each camera bottom plate and lens foot would instantly set "the standard". No support manufacturer could ignore it. But ... "innovative Canon".
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