Canon to finally announce a fast RF 35mm lens by Q3 of 2022


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I'm pretty happy with my RF 35mm F/1.8 for photographing people so I doubt if I will spend the big bucks to get the larger and heavier RF 35mm L.

I use my 35 F/1.8 as my available light lens on my R6. It's a bit noisy for video, but I'm really only shooting stills these days.

When using strobes, I just keep the RF 24-105 F/4 lens on the camera. It's amazingly sharp and my normal aperture range is F/4 to F/8, so no need to buy an F/2.8 or F/2 zoom.

Canon will have a hard time trying to tempt me to spend more money on new gear.
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Jul 27, 2021
I sold my RF 35 1.8 for EF35mm F1.4L II USM,what a lens !!! Canon do better 35mm ?
Canon are more than capable of building an optically stellar RF 35mm prime and its fully expected that it will be than the EF mark II. Only question remains is whether it will be f1.4 or f1.2 but I guess it will be an f1.2 to complete a holy trinity of primes.
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Coffee Fiend
Jul 14, 2015
Can't wait to see a new L lens in the popular focal length! However, I would still probably stick to my 28-70 f2 as it's the beast.
I'm sure I'll get the 35 L, despite having the 28-70. At first I sold my 50 1.2, thinking it was redundant having both, but the 50 is considerably smaller and lighter than the 28-70 (and of course is a stop and a third faster), so I bought the 50 again LOL!
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