Five new EF-M lenses for the EOS M lineup coming? [CR1]

Too little too late, and too slow (f2). The Sigma 56mm 1.4 is my next purchase and the 14mm 1.4 next. Might get them both at once if I get enough on my trades. The macro might be nice, but I have the EF-S 60 and it would have to be better than that, and it's one of my favorite lenses. If the 64 had 2X, that might close the deal. The Venus Optics 65mm 2.8 is a lens I've been considering. I would trade 2X for AF any day. The 18-45 2.8-4 would be nice to have for a lot of my environmental portraits with strobes. But I bet Sigma or Tamron can beat Canon to market.
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Jul 5, 2011
In 2016, I left EF full-frame behind for the EOS M5 and its native lenses. I would be overjoyed to get several of these lenses, primarily the 52mm prime and the 100-300mm zoom (with a 55mm filter diameter, the perfect third lens for a landscape kit with the 11-22 and 18-150). I’d likely pick up the macro as well. That said, I have a hard time crediting this rumor. The Canon Watch source said that Canon was inspired by M50 sales. To me, there’s a disconnect between that inspiration and these relatively niche lenses for what is essentially the future of the Rebel line. I think someone took the rumored 100-300mm (150-400?) and 52mm and built out a wishlist. I’d love for it to be true, but I’m skeptical that more than two or three of these are coming in the next 21 months.
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Sep 3, 2019
The M6-II tells me Canon is taking the M series a lot more seriously than they used to (in terms of the "level" of use), and perhaps these lenses are a sign they're expanding the intended market for the M system. I have no idea if I'd ever buy any of them (I don't seem to use primes much and the others overlap what I already have) but I am glad to see the choice will be there!

(All assuming that in the fullness of time, the CR-1 graduates to a CR-3, of course.)
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Dec 17, 2013
If the M series keeps getting glass and it's at a very good level I think all the 7D3 hopeful holdouts need to accept it will most likely come in the form of a FF R series body with a built in crop factor, dual slots, 1DX3 level AF and great weather sealing. The one thing that I think will be the enigma is the noise/iso ceiling level. Will an R body overcome the classic & achilles heel?
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I feel Canon is a day late and a dollar short as well as a stop too slow. My M5 is with me pretty much anytime I leave the house. As with my Rebel SLs I have the three (more or less) kit zooms; 11-18, 18-55, and 55-200. When I bought the M5 I also picked up the 22mm f/2, but for some reason I never warmed to it, probably because I am an optical snob and the 7 element formula didn't impress me, even though I lived happily for many years with the 7 element EF 35mm f/2. Go figure.

With the introduction of the EF-M 32mm f/1.4 I started to believe that Canon was giving some love to the M system; they had never introduced anything that serious in the EF-S lineup. My feeling is that there must have been a dozen and a half to two dozen zooms over the 17 years of EF-S lenses while it took them 9 years to introduce the first (rather pedestrian) prime, the EF-S 24mm f/2.8. Griping aside, the 32mm is a lovely lens and it is optically quite ambitious (two more elements than the Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4!) And then nothing more happened... Then Sigma struck with their 1.4 lens trio. While I had hoped for an EF-M 53mm f/1.4 there was never even a rumor of such a lens, so when Sigma made their trio available in M mount I scooped up the 56mm as soon as it became available. At a Focus Camera, Sony, Sigma, and Profoto event in Brooklyn November 7, 2019 (two days after receiving the lens) I shot pretty much everything, all at f/1.4, and I was quite impressed. Impressed enough that a few days later I picked up the 16mm f/1.4. With a 67mm filter thread it doesn't quite fit the M form factor, but it certainly expands the utility of the M5 in a very nice way.

And now I am hoping for an 85mm lens, a 135mm FF equivalent. Shooting for the stars I would obviously like an f/1.4 aperture, which of course necessitates a 67mm filter and probably size similar to the Sigma 16mm f/1.4. But that is a compromise I would be willing to live with. In the meantime I am carrying around my trusty EF 85mm f/1.8 with the adapter. Heavy and bulky, but it gives me the reach. A fast EF-M 85mm would give the M system primes from 15.6mm (FF equivalent) to 135mm, all at f/1.4. With the M5 Mk. II that would be one heck of a little outfit! Let us also remember that Viltrox is working on a 23mm f/1.4. I handled a non-working prototype at PPE 2019, and the size was right. Quality remains to be seen. Until the virus hit the plan was to launch the lens late this month. And if someone made a lens similar to the Vario-Tessar 16-70mm f/4 for Sony APS-C, I would prefer that to the rumored EF-M 18-45mm f/2.8-4.IMG_1691Em.JPGIMG_1815Em.JPG

I have enclosed a few images. The interior at B&H is shot with the Sigma 16/1.4, wide open, focused on the eyeglasses of the salesman. The Sigma tech rep (Mark Farb) was caught with the 56/1.4, again at f/1.4. The woman in the restaurant was done with the EF-M 32mm, again at f/1.4. A speed light was bounced off a wall, camera right. All in all, a batch of sharp lenses. Give us more!


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Jul 20, 2010
Springfield, IL
I like the prospects of an f/2 prime trinity that you can have for under $1000 USD.

15mm f/2
22mm f/2
52mm f/2

Each? Certainly not for all three and probably not individually.

Sorry, but I'm not buying this rumor. Not f/2 lenses. F/2.8 might be possible but I'll believe it when I see it.

As for the 7D replacement. Wide angle and even standard focal lengths aren't what sells the 7D. A 100-500 f/8 is more attractive, but the RF mount doesn't work on EF-M.
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