Here’s a full list of what will be announced with the Canon EOS R3 this month

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I enjoyed his video, I'm not usually a huge fan. It was good to get it in hand to get a proper view of it. I still hold vague hopes 24MP is understating the sensor size but who knows. Hopefully it will all be out in the open soon.
I'm not a regular watcher either, but it came up on the suggestion list and wasn't super long, so I said, why not? Not really anything new we didn't already know/suspect.
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Jan 5, 2013
Waiting for rebate on R5 to be announced. I don't need the R3. I have one R5, will buy more when rebate is announced. Fingers crossed it'll be this month. Rebate info, please. :)
That would be nice. In the meantime, it's encouraging to see that one can buy a refurb R5 at a reduced price, direct from the Canon store.
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Jun 14, 2020
  • ST- is a Speedlite Transmitter, I suspect they jumped from the ST-E3-RT to the ST-10 with new features using the extra hotshoe connectivity
  • AD- is used on some of their power supplies, so I suspect it's a power adapter of some sort but that's a guess. Maybe a USB-C PD adapter to power the camera and charge a battery in-camera?
  • DM- is directional microphone (I have the DM-100 for my Vixia camcorder, there is currently a DM-E1 for for EOS cameras, so the DM-E1D should be similar
  • ER- denotes a strap, e.g. the ER-100B is the neck strap for the EOS R
One interesting thing to note...
The ST-E3-RT sells for $300+, and this new ST-10 has leaked pricing of $119.
Almost as if it's a more entry level transmitter, but for a fancier hotshoe? I'm curious to see how this gets pulled off?
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