Here are the USD prices for the Canon EOS R5, Canon EOS R6 and lenses


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Dec 3, 2017
Yes, the 100-500 and both TCs. Still thinking about cancelling the TCs and just cropping minimally to 1.4x territory. I'm really not super-excited about having a longer lens with the TCs attached. But maybe if the IQ of the 2x is really good, that would be worth it. Just not very travel-friendly. Would love to see the 100-500 extended to 300 to know what the increase in length is going to be.
Missed this post and yes I agree with you. My traveling days are pretty much through (plane travel anyway) but Isee the point.
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The best price I have found in Australia so far is $6548 with an extra battery and an EF adapter included.

Take the US price of $3899 and add 10% for gst and your at USD $4290 which is already over AU$6100... I believe you then need to add an extra 5% import duty on top of the GST... so pretty much a wash... unless I have my maths wrong?
A bundled EF adapter is what I was looking for and are basically $170-180. A control ring could be okay but hard to know as I am coming from the 5Div without such a thing.
A spare battery is okay but not essential as I have multiple LP-E6 batteries (less capacity but okay for now).
Where did you find your bundle? I have pre-ordered from Digidirect with the $400 value bundle with the (64GB USH-I) memory card is $57, the NEW battery (LP-E6NH) "valued at" $179, and the strap is a limited edition strap "valued at" $164 but the strap and card are pretty much useless to me.
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Well, looks like it has a buffer, and a pretty reasonable one at that. Definitely enough for my typical use. Now just wait to see some real world use reviews and if it works as the specs seem to indicate then I have a feeling we might get one for me and my wife....she is using my 5DS now that her 5DIII has started to act up.
Indeed a good buffer... so the 64GB UHS-I SD card being bundled might be useful after all! ;-)
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