Here is the Canon RF 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro

Apr 8, 2021
I’d guess SA control is for adjust before & after subject out of focus similar to Nikon & other brand have done in the past , 135mm defocus DC


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Feb 6, 2020
A great lens, I am sure. But again. The RF lenses are almost bigger than the Fuji GFX medium format system. Never understood the need of that RF mount, if it means bigger and heavier.
Do you own or have you actually held the GFX system because I own both systems and doubt you have based on your comment. I assume you are talking specifically about the 120mm f4 “macro” lens that only does half life size. That’s right your comparing a lens that isn’t even really macro and has half the reproduction ratio. The Fuji 120mm f4 is much much larger than the Canon EF 100mm L macro. You have to slap the 45mm extension tube just to get to 1:1 with it which makes it as big as 180mm macro lens but only gives you 1:1 and 90mm field of view in FF equivalent. Please remind me of all the other compact GFX lens that compare directly feature for feature. Silly clown probably going to come back comparing Fuji f5.6 zooms with Canon f2 zooms.
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Sep 26, 2020
Despite the apparent consensus in the recent comments I cannot see a SA ("Spherical Aberration") but rather a 5A ("Five Axis"?) - the "0.5" in the focus limit range uses the same font.

5A Control.jpg
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