This is the Canon RF lens roadmap


Sep 17, 2014
How can they make a high quality 600mm + lens cheap ?
No company ever has before !
High quality = expensive
Cheap = compromise

Take the Sony 200-600 for example. 600mm at under $2000. And great optical quality, fast AF, metal build, weathersealing and internal zoom. No, not asking for 600mm F4 for $1000.


Dec 27, 2011
Even using their D.O. freznel elements those weights aren't likely ( the EF400 f/4 DO ii which is about as good as it gets is 2kg so can't see a 400mm f/2.8L being under 2.5kg even with DO ), maybe if the lens bodies are made from magnesium instead of aluminium (I presume the lens barrels are made of aluminium) it might be doable ?
Instead of my Nov 2020 posting I wish I spent my time buying more stocks that would have yielded a 500% return by now
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Dec 25, 2012
I have mixed feelings about the 10-24. I currently use the EF 11-24 with an adapter.
It is wicked sharp and the AF is fast. I tis a huge money maker for me shooting interiors with that and my 17 TS-E. Both are unlikely to be supplanted any time soon and thus I may be out of the game before they come to market.
I guess I was fortunate to be shooting in the golden age of the TS-E and the 11-24 as I know if I had retired before they came out I would be just envious of those who got to use them.

I really appreciate the cameras and lenses we have today as I started out in the 70's with film and every format from 35mm half frame (Olympus PEN the original) to 8x10 view cameras. All had their charms but the image Is get today are many orders of magnitude better than what could be achieved then.
Yes, film is fun but the real benefit of digital is the commercial results I get in less time and higher quality.


Jan 7, 2021
Auckland, New Zealand
I would be very happy if they make the RF10-24 f/4 IS USM or even STM. It would give me, in three lenses, a range from 10-500mm, with the 10-24, 24-105f/4 and 100-500 lenses. That would cover, in just those three 95% of the images I could ever be likely to shoot. If I want to extend further I already have the 150-600c and 60-600s lenses that work very nicely on my R6 bodies. Still, I would like to open up the wide end past my Rf24-105 and Rf24-240 units