Are you waiting for the launch of the D3000 and D300s? I am! New 70-200 possibly too.

Maybe Nikon will update the worst line of P&S cameras on earth. Canon needs to be pushed a bit more in the segment.

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Hands on:

A new 70-200 and 18-200 as well.

Nothing to change systems over. :)


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  1. Quote “Canon need only improve on the optical quality of their 18-200 and 17-85. ;)”

    Hopefully they will do just that.

  2. That is SOOO stupid! How come u will compare 120% crop to 100%… Are you seriously a photographer?

  3. I find the Nikon layout of buttons and interface a lot more efficient than Canon’s. I think the ergonomics of the Nikon bodies lend themselves better to quick adjustments actually, and things just make more sense.

  4. The lady with the lamp picture is extremely underexposed. Any camera would give noise (even 5D mkII ;)).

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