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Join my friend Andy Biggs at 12PM EST today for his free Lightroom & Wildlife webinar

Looking for something productive to do this week? If you are unable to get to work or if you are looking to improve your wildlife post-processing skills in Adobe Lightroom, come spend an hour with me as I go through my own workflow, using Lightroom as the tool. This is not intended to teach you Lightroom, rather it is intended to show you how I use Lightroom for my own photographs and how to streamline the processing of images.

  • Do you ever go back and move a slider and everything falls apart and has to be re-done?
  • Do you understand how to do masking in the local adjustment tools?
  • Do you understand the relationship between tonal contrast and hue contrast?
  • Do you often use the Saturation slider to make images pop, but wonder why any other slider makes images look overblown afterward?

Come and hang out with me. Let’s have fun. I have some African wildlife photographs that need processing, so spend some time with me as we process some of them together.

Lightroom Processing Tips
When: Wednesday 11 am Central Standard Time

Register in advance for this meeting:…/regist…/uJQrce6gpjIjmISra9ny-QrilVJYQX_QkA

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. You will need to install Zoom’s app on your computer, so do it ahead of our meeting.