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TS-E 24mm f/2.8L

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Redoing the Tilt Shifts?
From an anonymous email:

A collegue has been testing a new tilt-shift lens from Canon….. It’s 24mm and a bit faster than the current lens offered by Canon

The results have been a big improvement over the current model.

I have no idea when this lens could or would be released

It’s a niche market product that a lot of people would be very much into. I’d be interested.


18 responses to “TS-E 24mm f/2.8L”

  1. [EDIT] I just bought the old model… I bought a 5d mkII specifically to use the ts-e lenses, I hope the new ones wil lbe good :)

  2. I think that Canon should upgrade all the 3 Tilt/Shift lenses.

    Professional photographers that shoot architecture need a good lens for that. The old 24 is not good enough.
    And aperture 2.8 or 3.5 would be enough. If Nikons new is better…why not upgrade ?

    They should also upgrade the the old 28 mm 1.8 and the old 28 mm 2.8. They should have a L lens that is 28 mm.

    If i shoot landscape i would go for a 28 instead of a zoom-lens. Or is there a zoomlens that is better than a ordinary 28 mm ? I would rather go for detail and sharpness than the versatility of a zoomlens.

    Canon need a good wideanglelens for highresolution cameras as the new 5 d Mark II and the 1 Ds.

    Getting a bit tired of all this production of zoomlenses all the time. But hey…if they can make a good one, just as the wideanglezoom that Nikons has…OK !!


  3. A new TS-E 24 with better resolution and maybe less distorsion (=suitable for architecture) with 2/3 steps faster (for better live view focusing) would be THE killer lens for me.

    I am actually waiting for exactly this lens because the current TS-E 24 f/3.5 is good but not perfect. Stopping down to f/8.0 of f/11.0 is o.k. for the final image but the lens must be tack sharp and please without distorsion even when I use full shift in panorama mode (= 14 mm lens when stitched together)

    This is the lens I’d like to have!!!

    Please make it available at PMA!!!!!!

    It’d rival the new optimized Nikkor PC-E 24 and thus make the Canon switch more exciting as it already is – I’ve been recently switching from Nikon to Canon and the only lens I miss is a better 24 mm shift lens – unfortunately the E-type lenses can not be adapted to Canon (opposite to the rest of the Nikkors)

    Please make it happen Canon!

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