Patent: In Camera Focus Stacking and Image Stabilization

Patent: In Camera Focus Stacking and Image Stabilization

By Canon Rumors | May 3, 2018 | Canon Patents

Here’s an interesting patent from Canon uncovered by Canon News.

This application details in camera focus stacking and the effect of image stabilization during the multiple exposures required to do the stacking. The area of concern for R&D is how to deal with the possibility of the plane of focus shifting because of camera shake, and how to calculate the amount of shift during various degrees of camera shake.

In camera focus stacking could be a great feature for Canon shooters.

Patent: More Diffractive Optics Supertelephoto Formulas

Patent: More Diffractive Optics Supertelephoto Formulas

By Canon Rumors | May 3, 2018 | Canon Patents

Canon News has uncovered another diffractive optic patent for supertelephoto optical formulas has shown up at the USPTO.

This patent covers the following:

  • EF 200mm f/2
  • EF 400mm f/2.8
  • EF 800mm f/5.6

Canon continues to work away at more and more diffractive optics development, but we’re still waiting to see new products come to market. The last DO lens released by Canon was back in 2014 when they announced the EF 400mm f/4 DO IS II.

Nikon Confirms New Mirrorless System Coming in Early 2019, What About Canon?

Nikon Confirms New Mirrorless System Coming in Early 2019, What About Canon?

By Canon Rumors | May 1, 2018 | Canon DSLR Rumors

A Nikon representative confirmed that their new mirrorless system will be coming by spring of 2019 (video here). We’ll assume this new mirrorless system is going to be full frame, and perhaps an APS-C little brother as well.

So what about Canon?

We know there are various bodies in testing and at various stages of development, though we’re pretty confident that a hard date for an announcement has not been determined as of yet. It’s speculated around the web that both Nikon and Canon will make some kind of announcement for a full frame mirrorless camera at Photokina in September.

If Nikon is saying their new system will be coming some time in early 2019, I don’t think they’ll be doing an official product announcement at Photokina, and it’s more likely we’ll get some kind of  a “development” announcement. I think there’s a high probability Canon does a similar thing at Photokina. I will say however, we’e never been told about a “development announcement” before they happen. People don’t like announcements and then having to wait 6 months to buy the product, we’ve seen that in the past with Canon and it’s not good for anyone.

I don’t think it matters to Canon or Nikon who is first out of the gate with a full frame mirrorless camera. Both companies obviously have a very loyal customer base and both will be going right at Sony. If both companies make comparable products to Sony feature-set wise, they’ll both easily take a large chunk full frame mirrorless marketshare rather quickly. The one caveat to that will be how F and EF mount lenses fit into the picture.

Lots more to come…

CIPA Global Camera Sales Numbers for March 2018 Released

CIPA Global Camera Sales Numbers for March 2018 Released

By Canon Rumors | May 1, 2018 | Industry News

CIPA has released the camera shipment numbers for March 2018 today and there are some interesting things going on with ILC’s.

Canon News has done their usual great breakdown of the numbers, so I don’t really need to do the same thing.

From Canon News:

….With the Kumamoto earthquake finally in the past, we see that the shipments overall for this month is almost that of the year past and maintain a little consistency from month to month at around 95% of last year’s March shipments. Japan for the first time ever has shipped more Mirrorless than DSLR’s which is an interesting notable that will have to be watched in the coming months ahead.

….DSLR’s continue to ship less, thereby raising the mirrorless market share.  This month instead of looking at percentages, we’re going to look at units, where it shows a far more startling trend for DSLR’s over the last 4 or so years than it does if you looked at percentages of market.

….In summary, for this month we are seeing a more consistent picture of shipments, marginal increases to mirrorless and the continued slow decline in DSLR shipments.  The interesting takeaway is that when you see a camera released, and you are puzzled to why on earth the company released it, imagine how it may fit into the different markets, whether it be for DSLR’s or for Mirrorless.

Head on over to Canon News for a lot more analysis and pretty graphs.

Nik Software Collection Update Coming in June

Nik Software Collection Update Coming in June

By Canon Rumors | April 30, 2018 | Third Party Software

It looks like the Nik Software Collection will be coming to us very soon. DXO has confirmed that the update to the popular suite will be coming in June of this year.

Press Release:

On March 7, 2018, DxO Labs chose to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and is now in the process of restructuring the business.

We are very confident that this procedure, which should not last for more than a few more weeks, will not affect our customers in any way. In fact, we are pleased to announce the following upcoming product releases:

  • In June, we will release a free update (version 1.2) of our flagship software, DxO PhotoLab. Recently awarded the TIPA 2018 Award for Best Image Processing Software, this latest version of DxO PhotoLab will include improved local correction features, and will add support for 7 cameras, including the Canon EOS 2000D and the Sony A7 III. This release will also be an opportunity for us to reiterate our commitment to the “perpetual license” model (as opposed to a subscription model) that allows our customers to update their products according to their needs, rather than in a constrained manner.

  • In June, we will release the new version of the Nik Software Collection, which DxO acquired from Google at the end of 2017. Much awaited by the Nik software community, this first “by DxO” version focuses on fixing bugs that up until now could disrupt the user experience, as well as on ensuring full compatibility with the latest Mac OS and PC platforms.

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