5D Mark III - Bugatti Veyron and other challenging test subjects

Apr 19, 2011
jcs said:

Bugatti Veyron grills and fine details, fine patterned clothing, brick walls/ground, wide angle but still sharp. Watch in 1080p full screen to prevent aliasing.

looks better than any of the other videos I've seen

part of me thinks they still tend to smooth away fine details in areas where the detail contrast is not extreme though, that could be fixable in firmware though
Apr 19, 2011
jcs said:
Definitely room for compression improvement. For I-only I was able to get ~85Mbps: Canon 5D Mark III - I-Only compared to IPB

However, the extra data is mostly noise and artifacts. Doesn't look any sharper than IPB (~30Mbps for similar clip).

If anything, the IPB seems just a trace sharper.
Doesn't handle fine details in grass and so on like a C300.
I wonder if they can/will add a copped mode where they do 2x2 sampling like the C300 and maybe don't have to do as much AA softening?


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Dec 3, 2017
Looked great to me.

I can't believe the parents were letting their brats lean against the Bugatti. WTH idiots?
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