A new EOS R system camera is coming in January [CR2]

Del Paso

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Aug 9, 2018
Well very few people can afford R5 or R3 cameras so if Canon doesn't give them more affordable options , Sony,Nikon and Fujifilm will be happy to sell them something .
Canon and all the other companies need to give the customers want they want if they want to maximise sales and the more affordable options will sell in much bigger numbers than the expensive cameras like R5s , R3s and A1s.
An R7 camera based on the R6 with a new aps-c sensor and priced similar to the R6 or a bit lower would cost very little to develop and far outsell the R5 which only the wealthiest enthusiasts can afford and it's not taking away sales of the R5 as these buyers simply won't buy the R5 anyway as it's more than what they're prepared to spend.
Really how many hobbyists will spend USD $3,900 on a camera body and then thousands more on lenses ?

It's pretty hard to make a living as a pro these days too and not many of them can afford to update their perfectly good DSLRs.

Toyota is happy to sell Corollas and doesn't worry about hurting it's Lexus sales.

Smartphones have taken the really budget market away but enthusiasts and some pros still want to buy the medium priced gear.
There is indeed a huge gap (price and features) between the RP/R models and the R6/5 types.
Entering the Canon RF cosmos with little money isn't easy, if you're looking for a "modern" camera, the EOS R having received so much undeserved hate from youtubers and other self-declared specialists. (I still pretty much enjoy mine...)
That's why I'd expect an "entrance"model which will-could? satisfy the "online-experts" and the amateurs on a low budget.
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Pierre Lagarde

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Aug 4, 2020
Really how many hobbyists will spend USD $3,900 on a camera body and then thousands more on lenses ?

Right, though, I'm not sure there could still be that many more hobbyists ready to spend 2000-2500$ for an APS-C only camera, even considering "crop-abilities" (even if I'm part of the interested people, I must admit I'm not optimistic on that one ;) )

So you think this ist an option at all? I 'd love to see more M bodies, especially small/cheap M bodies, but I somehow doubt we will see more than a few minor updates to make the disscontinuation of this system leess abrupt. Is there any indication the EOS M system is not dead?

EOS M6 April 2017
EOS M100 August 2017
EOS M50 March 2018
EOS M200 and M6 mark II September 2019
EOS M50 mark II October 2020 to end of February 2021

Can’t really say if it has slowed down really for the moment and if those dates can be considered already as a relevant clue of a coming system death… especially considering current sales and market shares of EOS M50/mark II.
Considering also the industry slow pace potentially induced by Covid, I don’t see how we can evaluate the future of M system right now… let’s wait for 2022 and if nothing appears at that time, it will probably be time to worry about the future of this system a bit more, indeed.

What I hope is that if Canon ends this line-up, they will tell, they won't just let it die. They always been quite clear about discontinuing systems in the past, so let's hope they will keep up with this behaviour.
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I'm assuming it's a rectro style camera similar to the sony and fuji and the new Nikon Zfc. So yea fan boy cry lol
Canon ergonomics are perfect especially when merged with an articulating screen and a top LCD Screen, so I'm quite interested in seeing this new style camera.
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Feb 25, 2015
The Netherlands
We had a "print" button that people loved to hate...
How about a "publish to Insta" button
The new powershots have an option to stream straight to youtube, it would be nice to have that on the EOS family as well. Making sharing images easier is a good thing, when I'm out shooting alone, my 5yo loves to see pictures of the dragonflies and butterflies I encounter. With the Camera Connect App it's straight forward, but it takes a few minutes to get the connection up, send it to the phone, put it in a message, etc.
Having an option to tag an image as "send to phone" and have it do that in the background while shooting would be great. But like FPS in electronic shutter mode, you only get the option to drink from the firehose :/
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