A new EOS R system camera is coming in January [CR2]


Eos R, RF24-105 F4L, RF85 F2, EF200 F2.8L II
Nov 5, 2020
A super low res and low-light camera?

Or the cheap $800 full frame one?

Or APS-C with RF mount?

A body with no mechanical shutter?

A high MP version of the R3?

A camera that requires an extra fee to unlock certain features like 8k video?

An R5 with better heat sink and cooling?

So many options!
Yes, a monthly subscription with 3 levels to unlock various features. Now you're on to something!
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TOKYO, January 13, 2022 - Canon, Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announces the launch of the successor to the highly acclaimed Canon EOS M6 II, in a new, innovative and future proof form - Canon EOS RM6. The new line of our APS-C cameras and RF lens is going to be referred to as a ReMedy.

While we believe in a hard numbers, we also believe in an enterprenaulism and vision. We would like to assure members of the publicly vocal Neuroanatomist foundation, that we are well set for the future and to our final words, we call our well established brand to help - KISS.

APS-C is dead. Long live the APS-C ... and KISS our ass!
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