Help, am I seeing things? Question about Kodak Color Control Patches


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Sep 29, 2014
Is the white on the card one solid color? When I look at it I see a slight difference between the top and bottom (despite not having a dividing line like the other colors). I see the top having a slightly grayish hint to it. Or is this an illusion caused by the surrounding colors? And if it is two, which is becomes my target, top or bottom?



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Jan 29, 2011
They should be the same, that is why they don't have a dividing line. Both should show close to 237, 237, 237 with the eyedropper in RGB mode, in Lab mode the numbers should be 97.54, 0.18, 1.098.

But they age and deteriorate so maybe it is out of date? Also there is an acceptable tolerance of 3-4 points in RGB when working with them as system differences are unavoidable.
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Mar 25, 2011
lighting can vary slightly, and, as you said, colors can reflect and appear to shade areas, the lighting must be even, and no reflections. Nothing is perfect, so there is always a tolerance.

And, portions of a card can be affected by age, bright light, or even other factors related to storage. The card is made as good as possible for the cost, there are always better solutions when money is no object.