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Jan 29, 2011
Yepp, but if you try to get frame-filling shots with a 35mm lens on a silent EVF camera you may interfere a bit too much with sports action in the field - won't you? ;) (caution: this is a joke)
But it isn’t. I know a pro sports shooter who is using a mini tripod and a silent Sony very close to golf pros with remote release very successfully. Goldmember is sounding more and more like dear Harry with his rants, meanwhile others are already doing what he says can’t be done...
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Jul 28, 2015
As of "now" there is no EVF in the world that offers all the advantages of an OVF for sports in bright light. Bloom, Lag, Color, Noise

Exactly - and yet you pointed out that Sony is stealing Canon's market share even with an EVF. So how important is a OVF in the general scheme of things?

But if the R1 is not "at least" double the resolution of the 1DXMKIII it will not sell as expected.

That means that 40MP will not work... As most of you know,,, 40MP is NOT double the resolution. User determined file size from 85MP down to accommodate buffer to a sweet spot of 15fps RAW. Sports photographers know how to change files size...... ;)

Well you had better tell all those photographers who bought the 1Dx3 over the 5DIV they were wasting their money, then.

Telling us "all you need is 20MP" is an insulting and condescending "script" in 2021.... as it was in 2020.
Canon never said that. When the 1Dx3 came out they said that photographers they spoke to found 20MP to be sufficient considering the pro need for rapid transmission of files which meant reduced file size. Personally I think they used that as a fudge - instead of admitting they did not have the technology to bring out a 50MP sensor they knew that 20MP was (and still is) enough for a working pro in a vast majority of circumstances and used that to cover their butts. It is amateurs like me who rely heavily on cropping to get a good composition.

Some would go so far as to say.... remove the video from the IDXMKIII... Utilize the new focus system, double resolution and keep the OVF. A specialized "Stripped Down" camera for sports professionals.

Right... so given the flak Canon had for the video quality of the 5DIII and 5DIV, and how internet opprobrium (or lack of it) has become a vital part of marketing, they are no going to bring out a top-of-the-range camera with no video at all. I am so glad you are not head of Canon's design team or marketing team.
Besides, how much do you think video adds to the cost of a camera?

Improve sealing,
Why? How?
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