Industry News: The Sony Alpha a7c leaks ahead of the official announcement

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Jul 20, 2010
Sony is going to be announcing a “new concept” on September 15, and one of those products will be the Sony Alpha a7c full-frame mirrorless camera in a very compact form.
Sony Alpha a7c Specifications: (incomplete)

24.2 MP back-illuminated CMOS sensor
ISO100-51200 (extension: 50-204800)
In-body camera shake correction that realizes a maximum of 5.0 steps of correction effect
Maximum of about 10 frames/sec
3.0-inch touch panel type vari-angle liquid crystal
NP-FZ100 battery
Dimensions: 124mm (4.88″) x 71.1mm (2.79″) x 59.7mm (2.35″)
Weight: 509g

To give you an idea of how small the a7c is, the Canon EOS M6 Mark II is 120mm (4.72″)x 70mm (2.75″) x 49mm (1.92″)!




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The fierce competition between camera makers seems to be creating a new golden age for photography. There are so many amazing cameras out there and they each keep trying to make them better, whether they are useful for your needs or not.
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With Sigma MC-11 adapter, you might be able to use this thing as a rear lens cap for your big whites.
Haha great idea and I actually proudly own an EF mount Sigma 70-100 f2.8 DG OS HSM Sports that churns out stunningly sharp images on my 90D's but I would never insult such a classy lens by attaching an Alpha to it. :rolleyes:
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I think it's cool that Sony is doing this -- the more ideas, concepts and competition, the better! I'm sure there will be people that will snap this up (especially for traveling).

I do find it kind of funny, though...

Internet Reviewer: "The R5/R6 feels so good in the hand -- I can finally fit all my fingers on the grip, unlike my A7RIV."
Sony: "Let's go smaller!"

On the one hand, perhaps the industry is ultimately heading to full frame sensors in tiny mirrorless packages that will eventually replace the shrinking point-and-shoot and amateur DLSR segment. On the other hand, typical full-frame lenses might quickly become unwieldy on a tiny body. Lens size would be the barrier that would need to be addressed.

It'll be interesting to see what Canon does with the EOS M line where small bodies also have small lenses. Will it compete against tiny full-frame bodies with big lenses? Will Canon retire the M line and go the same route as Sony because tiny full-frame bodies will eventually get small-enough lenses?

Fun times...

...unless you have an M and are wishing for more lenses. :p
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I just got an M50 yesterday, so for sure the FF tiny bodys start to come out! lol. Seriously love the small format for portability, but it'll never replace a regular body for me. My hands are too big and shooting with an M50 sized body all day would be painful. But for travel, light duty and around the house snapshots its great.

Could be interesting a few years down the line. Canon is supposed to announce a smaller FF as well soon (it was rumored here). Pretty soon we'll see an iPhone with a FF sensor strapped to the back!

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Would love a small RF canon FF like this as a backup/hiking body. However given the R5 and R6 I wonder how they would tackle the internal heat in an even smaller body.

The obvious option is No 4K HQ or 8K video - which is all that limits the R5 at this point, and also may reduce the need for the high horsepower processor. That processor probably throws off a lot of heat. Another option is no or poorer weather sealing, which can increase air exchange and cool the camera and/or allow for a heat sync of some kind built in to the body.
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Maybe I’m alone here, but I’ve always been interested in this concept. This could be the one Sony camera that actually gets my attention...

If the video codec is not their nasty 8 bit, this could be an amazing travel camera for hybrid shooters. Tiny af, good af (the other meaning of af), 10bit422 in 4k24 full frame, and good stills.... Wow...
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