Interview: Canon execs talk EOS RP with Imaging Resource


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Oct 14, 2014
I'm pretty sure we'd all like to know why they can't make a cutting edge sensor to match Sony/Nikon. That question doesn't get asked though. Or maybe asking how many more years do Canon users have to put up with a sensor that can't match the main competitors. The problem remains that many parents now, instead of buying a DSLR, just use their phone. So the Canon RP will help with mirrorless market share and profit, but possibly at the behest of rebel/E-M cameras that users would have otherwise bought. It will still sell well, but it might not sell as well as everyone thinks.


Dec 31, 2016
I do somewhat agree on the EVF, but really don't see any difference in noise if I use the 6DII in Live-View of full-DSLR mode, so I guess the latter is not significant maybe because for view mode, not all of the pixels are utilized unlike with a long exposure which collects information from the whole sensor so there is a definite increase of noise there.
I am just thinking about heat noise/ hotpixels, as using mirrorless always makes the camera hot or at least warm at extended use, I am thinking though no my significant it will result in more noise.

But frankly speaking the new RF lens potential is attractive, it becomes a hard choice between better RF lens which cost an arm and a leg for a complete new set of lens plus the new camera or just upgrade to the next dslr model. I still prefer ovf so if use adapter with the R seems counter intuitive to me
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