Let’s talk about the Canon EOS R1 development [CR2]

Jim Corbett

Man-eater's Nightmare
Oct 11, 2019
Reading rumors like this, a whole damn year ahead of the release, is torture and leads to dehydration...
P.S. Where is the drooling emoticon?
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Aug 16, 2020
If this “next level” AF can track hummingbirds and dragonflies with 80% hit rate, then I’m sold on their claim “next level” AF. Exciting times ahead for Canon Fans, seems like Canon is doubling down in product output during this pandemic.

H. Jones

Aug 1, 2014
Global electronic shutter? No need for mechanical shutter.
If I was Canon, I would advertise it as "the first MILC in the world to have an infinite shutter life" :ROFLMAO:

Jokes aside, that on its own would make even more of a perk for the 1-series. No moving parts means nothing could possibly break.

I do wonder--would Canon include a faux shutter to cover the sensor when not in use? That is a feature I've been a big fan of on my EOS R5, but I could see them removing the shutter altogether.


Jan 26, 2017
Sounds interesting! I wonder if there was truth to that 21MP sensor development rumour with a global shutter.

Question for those more knowledgeable in the room - considering that the 5DIV was able to actually produce output for each side of the dual pixel independently (which you could extract with additional software), I'm wondering if a quad-pixel system would be able to output 4 different outputs, or independently report values for 4 points on each pixel. If it was able to do so, I'm wondering if a 21MP sensor could actually have a 4x resolution mode to bring it up to 84MP (i.e. treating each of the 4 quarters of each pixel as an independent pixel)? My thinking was maybe the "R1X" is both the sports camera and the rumoured high resolution body considering that both were rumoured for next year, and 84MP seems in line with past rumours. I'm assuming that would mess with the arrangement of a bayer array though, wouldn't it? Daydreaming to be fair.


CR Pro
Dec 12, 2019
Global electronic shutter? No need for mechanical shutter.
If global shutters are the way of the future, I'll definitely miss the sound a mechanical one makes. I'd probably not buy a camera with global shutter for that reason alone. The sound and very slight vibration of a mechanical shutter are so satisfying to me, and are probably placebos for making me want to shoot more and get better shots.


Canon Shooter
Nov 15, 2011
As much as the R5 packs in over the 5Div, imagine that much more packed in over the 1DXiii....sheesh. Could really be something. The anticipation is exciting.

Still, (pun only partially intended) this is the internet and some people's expectations will surely exceed whatever Canon eventually releases. There will be cries of disappointment and people lamenting that they 'have' to sell their perfectly good gear to switch systems because they are disappointed.



Sep 11, 2010
Second half of 2021 will probably be after the Tokyo Olympic games, then.

I imagine this thing will have a large battery to power everything.


CR Pro
Jan 5, 2013
How can focus better than R5 and R6? It will focus even before you push the button? If focus where you point your eye in the evf? Lol
Always loved the eye focus control in my EOS 3 film bodies but doubt you will see it in R1 body. Never have understood why no bodies since the EOS 3 have had this great feature, employable when wanted.
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H. Jones

Aug 1, 2014
Second half of 2021 will probably be after the Tokyo Olympic games, then.

I imagine this thing will have a large battery to power everything.
I suspect Canon will pack new tech into the LP-E19 form factor, but I honestly would have no issues if Canon went back to the longer form factor of earlier 1D batteries:

I would much rather have more battery life and a larger battery in a 1-series camera than a smaller battery and less battery life. But I know the LP-E19 form factor is as commonplace on the pro side of things as the LP-E6 is, so that's unlikely to change.