What is your favorite new feature of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III


Sep 6, 2019
In order:

1) High ISO performance. I know all sample images from Canon and from hands-on testers are JPEG out of camera, but the ones I have seen at the listed ISOs are at least a stop better than I have been able to achieve shooting with my 1DXii raw with post noise reduction.
2) I use single or expanded point AF and never have let the camera follow a subject. But, from what I have seen from early reviews of the head AF, I will likely be giving it a try. If it works as well as some early testers say, it would be fantastic for theater use to follow around leads and allowing me to frame how I want without having to move around the focus point.
3) AF-on AF mouse will be great when I want to move my own focus points around in sports and events.
4) Built in WIFI will be handy for my social media and and also getting JPEGs out for local publishers while at the game. I have used it often in my R.
5) Keeping the same battery, but over doubling the number of shots--thank you.
6) 20 fps mechanical shutter. I have to admit that OVF going from 14 to 16 is not really going to be a game changer. But, having 20fps available for those times when I really want it through live view will be noticeable.
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CR Pro
Mar 22, 2012
It’s probably the focussing system . Bar video it seems to be the major one.
There is quite a subdued welcome in Canon Rumors for it.
If had a feeling of a “not for us” upgrade.
MP is limited by its video requirements . It appears aimed at agencies rather than individuals.
How it performs will be it’s lasting legacy.
I’ll be really interested in some proper detailed reviews. The ones I’ve seen so far are superficial and not real tests of the gear.
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Michael Clark

Now we see through a glass, darkly...
Apr 5, 2016
I agree that the technology has matured to the point where huge leaps in high ISO image quality are unlikely. Given that context, I consider one stop of improvement to be meaningful. The rumored specs of the 1DXIII show the native range expanding by a stop, so I'm interested to see if that materializes in real-world use. If it does, then I'm even more excited for future versions of the R family someday enjoying a similar improvement.

I would be utterly flabbergasted if they can improve by a whole stop. I just don't think there is a stop left but I guess it depends heavily on processing power etc so maybe they can. It would certainly be mind-blowing if they do and I wouldn't complain as that technology will trickle down to the cameras I can buy

Since every major camera maker already has sensors that are more than 50% efficient, a one stop improvement (which requires a doubling of efficiency) is already impossible. Any improvements of that magnitude require better processing of sensor output.
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Michael Clark

Now we see through a glass, darkly...
Apr 5, 2016
Yep I understand you meant there was little room for improvement, but your post brought me to the idea that this camera will show the current limits of Canon's tech.
Canon is lagging behind in low light and dynamic range at the moment. If there's no improvement, what's the point in releasing new cameras? Right now the 1DXIII's specs seem to be only shining in autofocus and fps (in terms of the stills photography). It's a flagship with all the best tech from Canon. It probably sets the bar for what Canon has in the sensor tech department, so I'm curious to see the reviews on low light and DR.

I think Canon can potentially improve the DR by one stop or so, at least in terms of the physical limits.

But in practice I bet 1DXIII will likely have the same DR and low light performance as 1DXII.

One stop improvement at the sensor level requires doubling sensor efficiency. Everyone, including Canon, already have sensors with better than 50% efficiency.
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