Last week I wrote about cameras that I was told were coming in 2021 by a pretty solid source. That post has brought more information about the accuracy of the information.

A couple of other sources have now told me that while that information has some accuracy to it in the middle of last year, things have changed significantly with the roadmap.

The pandemic and manufacturing challenges that are still raging have changed the plans for 2021. One source told me that the “most exciting camera coming from Canon” will be in the 2nd half of the year, which would most likely be the EOS R1 (unconfirmed name).  Other product announcements have not been finalized as the situation Canon and others are facing make it “impossible to plan too far ahead”.

It sounds like we may have to temper our expectations for 2021. I also suspect there is going to be a lot of contradictory information about product timelines, as what's true today, may not be tomorrow.

More to come…

*The image representing this post is a mockup sent to me by an anonymous person, it is not an actual product.
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